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    TED : Lennart Green - Close-Up Card Magic

    TED has quickly become one of my favorite sites on the World Wide Web. "Technology Entertainment and Design" is a conference held once a year in Monterey, California where 'the greatest minds from around the world' come together to share new innovative ideas. Their newest uploaded video shows...
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    Complete Burn Effect List

    just did a quick skim of d+M's site and, low and behold: "44 pages, 22 effects, endless possibilities..." -- pL
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    On Friday The Twenty Seventh, Cards. Will. Burn.

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    Favorite Devil's Picturebook Effect?

    For all DPB owners... what's your personal favorite on the DVD? -- P:L
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    Lethal - Finally Gone

    Not sure if this has already been posted; but it looks like Lethal is finally gone/done: But did you like the soundtrack? Coming Soon. oh boy...:p -- pL Note: Sorry about that, my search turned up nothing So I guess this can be deleted.
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    Better Opener?

    Which, in your opinion, is a better opener for street magic? for table-hopping? for 'show me a trick' moments? Panic or Distortion? Have any other, even better openers? post em. Thanks, Happy Fathers Day, pL
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    Magicology's "10 Questions with Daniel Madison" ^ An enjoyable read; whether you like d+M or not. -- pL
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    Nate Staniforth

    To anyone that owns or has seen any of Nate Staniforth's magic... Do you know of anywhere I could find tricks like his? Ones that aren't necessarily magic but are still 'amazing'. :D Thanks, philiplupo
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    Gianni's Site is up and running

    Check it out: Look's like an interesting guy. Wasn't too awfully impressed with his uploaded videos but I'm sure they'll be more to come. -- P:L
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    Black's Magic

    Has anyone purchased anything from Black's Magic? If so, what was it and what is your opinion/review of it. I was looking at Gator Seal but it sounded too good to be true and that usually means... it is. Thanks, -- P:L philiplupo
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    Gianni's Exile

    A few weeks back MagicisDead's Gianni posted a picture eluding to a new aerial color change. The picture's text has been updated, the text now reads: "The New Aerial Colour Change Coming Soon on Project ******* " 7 asterisks = 7 letters ? What project? Check it out...
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    d+M's Identity and Three

    New updates from d+m s site: TITLE :: THREE; Deception | Subterfuge | Magic TYPE :: PDF E-Book (A4 Printer Friendly) Instant Download DIFFICULTY :: 7/10 DELIVERY :: Electronic Download / Instant E-mail (worldwide) PRICE :: £10 (approx $19) RELEASE DATE :: TBA AND TITLE ...
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    Sean Field's SAW

    I recently (finally) purchased SAW and I love it. BUT does anyone know where I can learn Field's briefly mentioned version of SAW where the thread passes through the Entire neck. Thanks, -- P:L philiplupo
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    Black's Magic

    I was hopping around and I rediscovered Black's Magic (which I had found a few years back but it was pretty mundane). I was wondering if anyone has purchased any product from their site? What was it and what is your opinion of the company overall? Moreover, any referrals for any specific...
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    Humidity and Card Care

    I live in Florida. Although it has been known as "the afterlife's waiting room", it isn't half bad, for three months of the year. In these three months it is nice, cool, dry and sunny. Sadly, the other nine months are terrible for doing magic (though the beach is always an upside). Florida's...
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    Daniel Madison's site

    I was hoppin' around Daniel's site and I found some interesting links: 1. Across the top of every page there are numerous quotes by "D Madison - A Deck of Cards" - If you click on the quote itself it directs you to the following page which shows "A Deck of Cards" "Coming...
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    Witness or Panic?

    Simple question: Witness or Panic? Both sound amazing. I would pick Witness for it's impromptu magic (though I do own WH's Indecent). Though, Panic looks like a great ending; possibly coupled with FOUR from the 1on1 section. Thanks, -- Philip:L
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    Fixing Wiregrams?

    Just a quick question... I own some wiregrams and let them to a friend. Sadly he misused one of them and now when I use them, the shape (once fully heated) is bent. Ive tried bending it back to the original shape and placing something heavy (a random idea that came to me) on it, but no luck...
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