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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    When creating an effect, REF4M or otherwise, how do you approach it? Ie. Do you start with an end in mind and then try to come up with a process to meet your goal, come up with a process and see where it takes you, take another effect and try to make it different, just have moments of...
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    Gyro Powerball?

    Siddarth~ I have both a gyro (DynaGrip Pro) and a Grip Master (light and heavy strengths). There are pros and cons to each. The DyanGrip Pro (which is only $25 at their online store) is good. It works the forearm pretty well and the overall endurance of your grip. The only downside is that...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    Do you do anything day-to-day other than Cardistry and stuff pertaining to cards (eg. Job, School, etc)? Is there anything else you have a passion for? And/Or How does it make you feel, knowing you’ve inspired many people to get into Cardistry?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match That Deck!

    A is League - 1893 B is Bee 203 C is Bee 200 D is Pneumatic No. 1 - 1894 E is Cyclist - 1898 F is Motor No 1 - 1901 G is New Fan - 1894 Interesting challenge.
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