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  1. Foppa21

    First submission?

    Hello guys, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this message. I would like to release something on The Wire. However, it's not really like the usual effects you can see on it. It's not visual, it doesn't look like trick photography, but I feel like it's a great, great effect...
  2. Foppa21

    Credits for a move.

    Hey guys! I've a question regarding a card peek I use everyday. A friend teached me it, but I don't know from who it is. Without too much spoiler, that's the one when you riffle the edge of the packet, then jog the cards above the break a little to the left. And more generally, I'd like...
  3. Foppa21

    Midnight Visitors

    I was recently taught Derek Dingle's variation of Larry Jennings Visitors trick, but I didn't like the ending a lot so I tried to add something else, and this video shows what I came up with. I change some minor things in the handling, and I decided to use a move created by a friend o mine...
  4. Foppa21

    You mad, bro ?

    Just wanted to share with you guys a card transposition I created a while ago. It uses a card control I found, if you think you know the source just feel free to tell me :) (Hope it's original, though !) If you know some hecklers, don't hesitate to show them the video, I hope they will go...
  5. Foppa21

    I broke my PK Ring !

    Well, I bought 6 months ago a Black Wizard Pk Ring, and as the title says, I broke it yesterday. (I just let it fall :mad:) Hopefully with the Ring came a DVD, and the creator of the Ring said that if we broke the Ring, we can send it back (plus the shipping cost obviously) and they replace...
  6. Foppa21

    Sleeve Aces - Earl Nelson

    Just wanted to share my performance of this effect which is quick, visual and dynamic. I'd like to hear your thoughts, your improvements on it, or any constructive criticism you'd like to give me. :)
  7. Foppa21

    404 Opener / Reset-Reset

    Hi there ! I just wanted to share with you guys (and hear some contructive critiscm, it's always good !) two videos I've done recently. One is a personal creation : a cool opener for your Reset routines. It uses a production I think I invented, but if you know some sources, I'd really like to...
  8. Foppa21


    Hello guys ! I'd like to hear your thoughts, advices and improvements on a new video I made recently. It's a fun way to make the aces appear one by one in a four double-back card packet. Enjoy !
  9. Foppa21

    Shuttle Pass

    Hello guys ! I just start a new thread because I'm looking for a nice shuttle pass. I found the "classic one" a little bit "knacky" and it seems like there are tons of other variations for this very useful sleight. So what books, DVDs, and other sources would you recommend to me ...
  10. Foppa21

    The Shard

    Hello guys ! This is a video I edited for a friend flourisher of mine, Jérémy Ferrand. We shot in the back room of a french magic shop in Grenoble : Magic Events. It's not very long, I hope you'll enjoy it :)
  11. Foppa21

    Late-Nite Sandwich

    Hello everyone ! I wanted to share a sandwich that I discovered recently in the book "Hierophant", written by Jon Racherbaumer. This is by far the cleanest sandwich that I know. (In normal times, the spectator can place himself the jokers on top of the deck and cut. I had no spectators on...
  12. Foppa21

    4 to 1 Transposition

    I made this little video during holidays, I hope you will like it :) Enjoy =)
  13. Foppa21


    So we had a lot of fun with a deck and.... A duck. Hope you like it :) Thanks for watching !
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