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    Are you an atheist?

    I'd also like to chime in late. Yes, I am an atheist. That's coming from someone who was seriously considering becoming a priest when I was 15 to 17 years old. To be honest, it took me 25 to 30 some odd years to realize that I am an atheist. I will not go through the whole boring story...
  2. OwnerM

    Lucid Dream

    Guys, it's called "Somniloquy" and it's a real medical condition:
  3. OwnerM

    Beginner Hypnosis

    Popping in for a reply to this. You have some good books to start with and what Kevin said about "The Encycolpedia of Stage Hypotism" is true. I still recommend the hypnosis section of Derren Brown's book "Tricks of the Mind". Very concise, accurate, honest and pretty much all you really...
  4. OwnerM

    Hypnosis over the Internet

    Hypnosis through chat rooms and over text is not something anyone's really devoted a web page to or any instructions to, but it's certainly not new at all. Actually, it's how I met my girlfriend. :) But I think we have a misunderstanding. I never said a "long drawn out induction", I said...
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    Hypnosis over the Internet

    I kind of skimmed this thread, but I've done this type of hypnosis a lot before. It's nothing new, sorry. Part of what hypnosis is is concentration. What is happening is nothing different from reading a good book. If you keep that in mind, you can easily make any kind of induction over...
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    It exists if you believe...

    Reality is truth. There is no changing it. One can believe that I "controlled" e.g. hypnotized someone into seeing something that is not there, but in reality, it isn't there. Period. Let's get this right. We FOOL people. We are all con artists. We all lie, we all cheat, we all play...
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    Hypnosis - Should we really be performing it?

    Sheesh. Ever read a book and really get into it? Ever watch a movie and feel what you've just seen? Ever drive for a long time, lost in thought and suddenly you say to yourself "Wow. That was a fast trip."? Congratulations. You were in a "trance". That's all hypnosis is. It's...
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    Intimate Magic

    I recommend Deep 3 by Bro Gilbert and Poetry Reading by Alvo Stockman Both are intimate and powerful.
  9. OwnerM

    SEPTEMBER 2009: That Feeling of Wonder

    This: This brings me to tears. The scope of what we stupid little lifeforms took 3.8 billion years to evolve and learn to make something that enables us to see a bunch of galaxies 47 billion light years away. So many galaxies with stars and...
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    Criss Angel Levitation through screen...

    Yes, it's a form of hypnotism. But then again, as I've been saying for ages on this board, hypnotism is like going to the movies: it's all desire, suggestion and a willingness to believe on the spectator's part. For example, in my shows, I do walk around hypnosis between performances. I find...
  11. OwnerM

    Saturday Night Contest - Something Different : Show Us What You Got

    lol Agreed. Not for this site. :-) But I'd still like to make a text entry into this contest.
  12. OwnerM

    Saturday Night Contest - Something Different : Show Us What You Got

    Or text? One thing I do very well is rant.... ETA: Actually, direct videos, but they are of an "adult" nature.... Don't think I can enter that.....
  13. OwnerM

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mentalism

    Listen to Steerpike. NLP doesn't do what it claims to do. Don't spend the money. If you want to get an idea of how Derren does it and want to spend money, then get Derren's book. That's all the NLP you'll need.
  14. OwnerM

    Who has a YouTube Channel?

    I have a vimeo channel, but I've posted everything there on here for various contests and stuff. It's at I hesitate to list my youtube channel because, well, quite frankly, it's very "R" rated......
  15. OwnerM

    Congratulations are in order!

    Congrats to the both of you. May you always be happy.
  16. OwnerM

    Saturday Night Contest - Unnatural : 24 Hours

    I didn't get to see all the submissions, but am I the only one who didn't use cards? My son still doesn't see what moves I did. :-) (My video (already submitted) Http:// with four slieghts)
  17. OwnerM

    Saturday Night Contest - Unnatural : 24 Hours

    This contest is kind of like this: Anyway, here is my entry. It's still converting as I type this. The link is Hope you like it.
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    Interview with Criss Angel by Penn - Made me respect Angel more.

    (My bolding) Sorry, this is what I just don't get: Why is this frowned upon? And why is this a big deal in denying it? We are supposed to keep our secrets secret. Our job is to entertain the audience, whatever audience we choose to cater to and the audience we get. If that audience...
  19. OwnerM

    Interview with Criss Angel by Penn - Made me respect Angel more.

    Oh, okay. My mistake. Please accept my apologies. :)
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    Gimmick or No Gimmick?

    I feel that the idea is to entertain the audience, not to show everyone how awesome you are. That's why I don't get the attitude against magicians who use stooges or even camera tricks. The idea is to get the people to watch and enjoy. To me, the limit is trying to convince people to...
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