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    Can you link me to any videos that are on sale for tricks with a normal pack of cards

    Most of my work as a magician is somewhat impromptu. That being said I don't like to use gimmicks or gaff cards, everything I do is with an ordinary pack, reason being is I want my spectators to be able to hand me their own deck of cards and watch them react as I perform with their own cards. If...
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    How to use sleight of hand in cards, for practical use.

    Ah, very interesting that's really wicked that you start to feel the different stocks within normal paper. Perhaps this could be used in more of a skill/demonstration setting. I will look into it.
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    How to use sleight of hand in cards, for practical use.

    Agreed, I'm just trying to think of what art form (besides sleight of hand) that could utilize cards. Its a bit difficult when there are plenty of art forms and most tend to hinder on either a gimmick or ideology. Thus, its make it rather hard to implement playing cards.
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    How to use sleight of hand in cards, for practical use.

    Sort of, I'm asking if there is a way of using cards that can be just as important as card deceptions, gambling, card throwing, making house of cards, etc. I feel as though they can be used for so much more.
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    How to use sleight of hand in cards, for practical use.

    I feel like as magicians (specifically those like myself who specialize in card tricks) it becomes rather tiresome at one point and its easy to burn out. I want to see if you guys have any idea on how we can apply our sleight of hand/cardistry in a practical way. What I mean by this, is that...
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    A weird coincidence that felt like magic...

    Agreed, that's why it is considered a "power move" so to speak. Its quick way to show enormous skill with one simple move.
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    A weird coincidence that felt like magic...

    Exactly, while we as magicians practice sleights its important to remember that sometimes you really do just get lucky. I remember once I tried to do a control with a card and I completely messed it up. So I thought I would make a joke about it, like "I brought your card to the top AND I...
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    Trying to learn the Human Blockhead stunt

    I learned how to do it with a q-tip from Scam school, its tempting to do an actual nail.
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    RIP Ricky Jay

    I didn't even know he died.....RIP he will always be remembered
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    A weird coincidence that felt like magic...

    So I have been in magic (specifically card magic) for about 3-4 years. And boy do I love it but while I was practicing my springs in the cafeteria to test out different lengths and force I found myself almost dying of laughter. For those of you who are a card magician as well, you know you'll...
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    Better presentation

    I think you need to understand the 2 most basic principles when it comes to performance. A, Scripting as in what you say. And B patter aka how you say it. A script can mean anything, but the patter dictates your mood and the direction of engagement for your audience. Which leads me to my last...
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    Advice for performance anxiety

    If you have only been performing for a short period of time and are new to it don't fret! It is absolutely normal to experience a nervous reaction on your first few times, if I where told to juggle for the first time in front of people I would be nervous too :) Start off by performing for...
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    Great. I palmed a card. Now what?

    There are many effects you can use with palming. Interestingly enough, just the other day I saw a perfect use for a palm and as duplicate card. The magician forces the first card and doesn't allow the spectator to look at it, (spectator puts in their pocket). He then forces the duplicate card...
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    Heckler Killers

    I understand the tactic that you want to use. As far as a whole deck I don't think you need one. Just write on one card something like "Annoying" and if you come across a heckler throughout your performance you can say something like "If I where to pick a card it might be the ace because I'm...
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    Classic Cold Reading Books

    Cold reading as in technique wise? Or do you mean "Cull Reading" aka used by physics mediums.
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    Help with my CAAN

    You can use Jay Sankeys method for ACAAN which is to simply let them point to a card. Then use the topper move from Daniel Garcia to take the top card instead. If you want to see it in video just look up Jay Sankeys channel he explains it better there.
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    Introductory post with Charlier Cut question

    The Charlier cut is a "one handed cut" you cut the deck once one handed. Its a basic form of Cardistry that most magicians and Cardists use. With that in mind it has become a way of forcing or getting to a card throughout the years. Once you learn it you can get into scissors cuts, Revolutionary...
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    Magic theory

    Try reading Jay Sankey's "Beyond Secrets" it a free online PDF that has plenty of ideas on doing so!
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    coin matrix

    Hey Tomer! I suggest looking up Jay Sankeys coin matrix. Its a very simple version of the effect but when done well it does a great job at fooling the eyes and looks aesthetically pleasing. You can find it on youtube under his coin tricks playlist. Its an open source and free to learn. Hope it...
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