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  1. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Read Calen's Mind!

    1. Elephant 2. Kangaroo 3. Tasmanian Devil
  2. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1. He was born with a black eye and every once in a while his eye closes unintentionally. Dan White 2. He once bought a piece of toast without the image of Jesus on it for $50.00. B Smith 3. His nickname is Momo. Chris Mayhew 4. He has a fish name Paul Vigil. Mike Hankins 5. He is...
  3. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    can't see your picture mate
  4. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    Hope I made it in time. I was due for a new notebook anyway, so here it is. I took my crappiest deck (Jaguar Brand... from China) and created a cover for a notebook with plastic wrap and all... It turned out a tad messy but... yeah. I then tried to make it look a bit nicer with a paper cutout...
  5. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    Love how its from 2010
  6. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

    Heres my submission. Hope I made it in time:
  7. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

    I'm not quite sure of the task. Since it is "FOOL" us, are we allowed computer editing?
  8. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    Have you ever had a downfall within your experience with flourishing or magic? If so, how did you overcome it?
  9. LuseifHo

    Roundtable Discussion - Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt

    Calen: What was the Most Challenging thing during the 365 Days of Magic? Blake: How has Purdue advantaged your experience in Magic? Both: What is the biggest topic you two have disagreed on within or out of magic?
  10. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto

    9 of diamonds Merry Christmas!
  11. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic!

    Here is mine: Rockin' out my new jammies. Merry Christmas from Hong Kong
  12. LuseifHo

    Spectator Misconception

    Wayne Houchin talks about something similiar on the Alakazam Sessions DVD. Instead of one trick, he spoke about how two tricks often get mixed together into a godly routine that makes no sense. He was talking about how someone mixed Thread and Needle Swallowing together so it seems like he...
  13. LuseifHo

    Getting A Tattoo

    I agree... look forward 50 years when your chest will have a faded spade with a cross in the middle on saggy skin drooping around... hot stuff.
  14. LuseifHo

    Even more

    are indians not asians? and nicely done by the way, but lighting could have been nicer.
  15. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial

    Ah damn. Well Played FOO:L... well played
  16. LuseifHo

    Expanding my magic

    Art of Astonishment Book set. Not DVD.
  17. LuseifHo

    Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial

    First SNC in quite a while... this one sounded fun... so.. tried to keep the magic/ flourishing to a minimum.
  18. LuseifHo

    Looking At Some New Magic

    If I had to choose from the three choices, I would go with Hardcore. My way of thinking is pretty much the same as shindrichs... Sankey's stuff is good, no doubt. But his newer products are more like creativity boosters. I would recommend his older older DVDs if you want to get Sankey material...
  19. LuseifHo

    No Excuses: Small Hands by Lee Asher

    This isnt all that reliable. Click on the image, it opens, now hold Ctrl and scroll.
  20. LuseifHo

    A Creative Exercise..

    A lot of people have performed tricks with umbrellas. They are usually the ones who are more... culturally oriented. Thus, the first one to come to mind is Jeff Mcrbride. I am sure in his performances, there will at least one umbrella. I think... he produced a bunch of paper flowers from an...
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