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  1. brainblower

    Misdirection for the Two Card Monte

    I use Oz Pearlmans version because it requires no misdirection at all :eek:
  2. brainblower

    Does the Hindu force really work?

    Dunno. Justin case :o
  3. brainblower

    Timeline 2.0 question

    Or hindu shuffle force
  4. brainblower

    Does the Hindu force really work?

    When I have used this force I place the force card second from the bottom and show them the bottom card. Hold a break and peel off the bottom card during the first hindu shuffle. When spectator sees the bottom card changed they have no questions.
  5. brainblower

    Share Your Version - Ambitious Card Routine

    1. Card jumps to top (Marlo tilt) 2. Card jumps to top again (Double lift) 3. Card jumps to top :) (One handed pass to dl position) 4. Pop up move 5. Card jumps to top face up (Tilt & Erdnase color change) 6. Card to mouth 7. Paperclipped sometimes
  6. brainblower

    Symphony trailer music

    If you have watched Wayne Houchins daily updates you know that a while ago Danny was making music with Dana for a secret project. Don't know was it this or even the DG projects...
  7. brainblower

    Card caring?

    Card clips keeps cards flat and unwarps them (like having them under heavy books). The box is only a box :)
  8. brainblower


    You are not seriously asking an exposure in here, right? You can find it in Chad Nelsons DVD "Surfaced".
  9. brainblower

    Card Trick From D&D Buck

    The Queens, Subway or Tivo 2.0
  10. brainblower

    1-on-1 a bit too obvious?

    You know HOW to do it but CAN you do it? ;) Thats why he teaches those effects in that video...
  11. brainblower

    Criss Angel - Card Magic

    Before I started magic and had never heard about Criss Angel, my friend told me to search Criss's videos from youtube. He said that he can really fly and walk on water and all kinds of supernatural things :eek:. I didnt fall for that :cool:
  12. brainblower

    Do you have another hobby?

    - Playing bass - Playing guitar - Bodybuilding
  13. brainblower

    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    Merry birthday :D
  14. brainblower

    Magic Over The Phone

    Yes he has, but you have to only send a deck of cards to someone and hope he doesn't shuffle them :D
  15. brainblower

    Sinful - New Cans Problem

    If you have problems with new cans, Wayne Houchin sends an e-mail everyone in his newsletter and explains how to fix the problem...
  16. brainblower

    How old are you?

    I am 17 :( :D
  17. brainblower

    COLLATERAL: Full Review There is some pictures of all effects! EDIT: I noticed that just and thought it was new thing, but that link was aldready posted....
  18. brainblower

    COLLATERAL: Full Review

    You can't buy Bound anymore. It was so similar to Jay Sankeys "Housebound" effect so it was pulled off from Daniels site. You dont have to know bound to do rebound, i guess?
  19. brainblower

    I want to learn more forces

    I'm pretty sure that is called 40 ways to force a card :p
  20. brainblower

    Collateral by d+M

    "Collateral boasts some of Daniels most guarded secrets and creations in modern magic" So it's not gonna be flourishes only and probably not with Change :( Or maybe with Change. I read from one of Daniel pdf that he has 3 most guarded secrets: The devils touch, Change and something that he...
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