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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge

    Thank you for the clarification JB :) consider me entered :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge Original Bicycles - not sure if that counts or not.
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    Best camera for filming magic?

    Disagree - what makes you say it has better IQ? And again - if you are recording video - get a camcorder that is what it is meant for. Doing it with a DSLR takes an understanding of ISO, aperture, shutter, focal lengths, lens IQ just to name a few. Spend to get a camcorder and then use left...
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    A bit of site magic for you :)

    No worries JB :)
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    A bit of site magic for you :)

    It's in the signature of his post I thought that it would be found more useful than others apparently, but that's OK, not everyone will get it and find it useful - I decided to share anyways :)
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    Best camera for filming magic?

    I agree with the above two statement. I am a photographer as well, and while I have a Canon 5D Mark III, if I was buying specifically for shooting video I would have bought a camcorder. Not saying the DSLR's are not capable, but you have to understand a lot more than just clicking it in video...
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    A bit of site magic for you :)

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    A bit of site magic for you :)

    Quite welcome :) I was hoping others would find it useful. Really helps me see what has happened since I last visited :)
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    A bit of site magic for you :)

    I guess this was not helpful or useful for anyone?
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    A bit of site magic for you :)

    So I have not been around for a while. I got to talking to another magician this weekend and we traded pointers and likes and what not. Anyways that jarred my memory that I had not been to the forums in a really long time. So I came on and started browsing etc. It reminded me that one thing I...
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    Feather Flourish Tutorial

    going to grab a deck right now to practice! Thank you for this.
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    Another Bug T11

    Since the revamp, you might have to go back in to your USERCP, then click General Settings (it is on the left hand side, under the "My Account" section. From there, scroll down to the "Default Thread Subscription Mode:" and choose your option. You can also subscribe from within a thread by...
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    2CM learning tool?

    I disagree with that statement. There is a point at which some people decide that after buying a resource it is not for them or that they just don't like it and won't use it. If that is the case then you are "done with it" and might serve someone else better and help you fund your next tool...
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    2CM learning tool?

    If anyone has it and is done with it and wants to sell it - please pm me.
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    2CM learning tool?

    okay, so the general consensus is that it is worth it. I might pick up the other resources also that were recommended.
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    2CM learning tool?

    Is Kard Klub worth the price to learn this or is there another one that you guys would recommend?
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    Split Spades Vs Guardians ... ?

    I actually think that the Guardians are thinner than split spades. I own both and think that the spades are most definately better than any other guardians. I love the look of both decks, but the SS's win in every catagory IMHO.
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    Messin With Erdnase

    first thing I would say - why show the card already up the deck? This clearly shows the way in which the change happens. It is better to NOT show the card moved up the deck.
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    Riffle Pass

    This was enough to make me post after not having posted for a long long time.
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    Propaganda Takedown

    nice work!
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