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  1. MickaelD

    Saturday Night Contest - Spooky Season!

    Shame....My ex refused to take a pic with a deck of cards in her hands
  2. MickaelD

    Saturday Night Contest - Variety Box!

    Good luck everyone!
  3. MickaelD

    Looking for effect...

    Seen someone perform this on tv once, same effect, but no dice involved, it was a free choice... Where can i find this...
  4. MickaelD

    Contradicting effects.

    Both tricks are weak imo, but i beleive the fact that he pointsnout the birthday matches does add on top to say "ok i didnt just sneekily write this number on the block of steel in some way that makes it look like its etched in. " It does reinforce the trick. Ive done the same thing once ...
  5. MickaelD

    Saturday Night Contest - Gold Artisan Card Lotto!

    Card 1: Ace of diamonds Card 2: jack of spades Card 1: 7 of hearts Card 2: 2 of spades
  6. MickaelD

    Saturday Night Contest - 13 Years!

    Joined: Dec 9, 2019, through a search found that this was the origin of monarchs and got me some. Favorite realease came out just a bit after (i think or maybe it was already there) but the zandman book tests were dope and still one of my favorite non card props!
  7. MickaelD

    Saturday Night Contest - Variety Box! Good luck!!
  8. MickaelD

    Saturday Night Contest - Black and White

    Goodluck everyone!
  9. MickaelD

    Iphone calculator for android? (+0x)

    Look fishy as hell but itll do, thanks!
  10. MickaelD

    Iphone calculator for android? (+0x)

    Im fairly new to the concept but if your familiar with iphone does this apply to ANY iphone model noatter how old or new to this date? If i get a spectator with an iphone to pull his/hers out there is no chance of this going wrong and be like "sorry ma'am your iphobe is not compatible with my...
  11. MickaelD

    Iphone calculator for android? (+0x)

    Yes, unfortunately as mentioned A) the operations commanded stay atop and B) it dosent count the priorities correctly Try on your phone, either iphone or android use the default calculator, enter a number you want forced , then hit the plus sign, zero then multiply sign and then start entering...
  12. MickaelD

    Iphone calculator for android? (+0x)

    I want to do some calculator magic (random numbers are multiplied but the outcome is preset) this apoarently works on iphones well but on an android calculator, the iperations list and current sum total are always visible Ive tried multiple apps that give different calculators but everyone of...
  13. MickaelD

    Android Phone Magic

    I personally wouldnt trust inject as rostami's programming often has bugs and ive had issues before with no support or response from him. Thank god for the refund button. Also inject has you ask your spectator to go to a soecific fishy looking website looks link wich imo would bring the "magic"...
  14. MickaelD

    Luke Jermay's blindfolded intuition

    So i was viewing Kuke Jernays demonstation of his markmans deck This is a marked deck...
  15. MickaelD


    Will there eventually be an Android support?
  16. MickaelD


    Not sure, apparently it cones with a few gimmicks in a box , you should have received an instruction video and it might describe what they are.. On that note.. any chance this becone available for Android???
  17. MickaelD

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 7 of spades Card 2: 8 of clubs Card 1: 7 of Diamonds Card 2: Ace of Spades
  18. MickaelD

    Red Pile Black Pile.....but face up

    This trick uses a special gimmick that is often unused and underrated by magicians.. its called the stooge
  19. MickaelD

    Question about flux

    Thank you this gives me the exact insight i need to make a clearer decision. Does it come with the magnetic quarter? From description it says add it with theory 11's quarter for "greater" results. So its supposed to work anyway with everything included in box?
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