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  1. Magic Man4293

    Saturday Night Contest - Smoke & Mirrors Showdown

    Tomorrow is Sunday. Which day is the release? -Michael
  2. Magic Man4293

    New 1-on-1 : The Zarrow Shuffle - Jason England

    The Zarrow shuffle is a great move for those of you who would take the time to learn it properly. With that being said I wonder how theory11 got permission to teach this. Since it is already in DVD form and Herb himself has passed. -Michael
  3. Magic Man4293

    Joshua Jay Lecture

    You see Doug in a battle between you and I irony wins. -Michael P.S. I lose. I also think Doug is the most respectable person I know today. EDIT BY DOUG: Why thank you Michael. I'm glad you see things my way. ;)
  4. Magic Man4293

    Joshua Jay Lecture

    1. I am clever. 2. You still must be feeling bad about your twin. 3. I quote Zach's old username. (DIADB) -Michael
  5. Magic Man4293

    Joshua Jay Lecture

    Suck up. ;) -Michael
  6. Magic Man4293

    Saturday Night Contest - With Our Powers Combined

    Lets say hypothetically that I wanted to show people that I could watch the entire Twilight movie without gouging my eyes out with a soda straw as proof of my supernatural powers, how long could said video be? -Michael
  7. Magic Man4293

    The Wire REVEALED!

    Nah not even remotely funny. -Michael
  8. Magic Man4293

    MAGIC-CON 2010 : Definitive Recommended Reading List

    Why is The Magic Coloring Book not on here? It's a classic. Sheesh why not just go to the movies without sneaking in a gallon of ketchup. Seriously though great list, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone on here who read at least 4 of these. Own yes, read no. -Michael
  9. Magic Man4293

    Smoke and Mirrors v3 - Out Of Stock?

    They now have a sign that says sold out. -Michael
  10. Magic Man4293

    Cheesecake Factory

    So Danny, did you ever get that job? I'm intrigued. -Michael
  11. Magic Man4293

    Video Project Someone Did About Me...

    No prob, done. -Michael
  12. Magic Man4293

    Video Project Someone Did About Me...

    Yes, you deserve it. -Michael
  13. Magic Man4293

    Video Project Someone Did About Me...

    I enjoyed this very much. -Michael
  14. Magic Man4293

    Centurions, S.S.'s, or Stingers... Which one which one

    Split Spades are some of the best cards ever made. -Michael
  15. Magic Man4293

    Don't be the "Magic Man"...

    "Who's That?" "Oh that's just The Chris, he does magic." In all seriousness I was thinking about making a thread about this exact topic a few minutes ago, looks like you beat me to it. I agree with you 100%. -Michael
  16. Magic Man4293

    theory11.bulletin ✯ An Open Call for Cardistry in NYC

    The new episode of "As the World Turns" is pretty tight. I never expected Hernando to have an evil twin brother who works at a chinese restaurant. ;) -Michael
  17. Magic Man4293

    Google Wave

    I don't have wave but I will join your wave if I get an invite *hint* *hint*. :) -Michael
  18. Magic Man4293

    Need a video editing software...

    Buy a Mac. If not, here is a trial version of Vegas. -Michael
  19. Magic Man4293

    Do you want to fool 98% or 100% of the time?

    School IQ test. -Michael
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