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  1. Marb

    Best cards for faro shuffling?

    In my opinion, Old/new Studs and Texans faro the best. You should try some out :)
  2. Marb

    UK Online Magic shops/Ebay sellers

    The Card Collection is a very good online magic dealer, especially when it comes to cards. Highly recomended :) * Just saw that they do carry the vintage decks. Lucky you ^^
  3. Marb

    A College Level Sandwich

    Pretty neat sandwich! I can see where you got your inspiration :) However, there was a small flash at around 50sec or so. If I were you, I would try to move the deck slightly forward as well, and have the deck a bit tilting. (I hope you understand)
  4. Marb

    Review: One-Hand Top Palm by Alex Linian (download)

    Great review! I'm seriously considering buying this one... right... NOW!
  5. Marb

    Good book(s) on magic theory

    I've heard that "Five Points in Magic" by Juan Tamariz is an excellent choice when it comes to theory. Can't really give you a personal opinion though as i don't own a copy of it yet.
  6. Marb

    Cheap Bicycle Decks

    You can get a brick of bikes for 30$ shipping included at Pretty cheap :)
  7. Marb

    Saturday Night Contest - {dg} We Need to Talk

    *Do you miss the feeling of beeing fooled by magic? *When did you realize you wanted to become a professional magician? *Has magic ever had any negative consequences on your life? / Marb
  8. Marb

    Elmsley Count Help!

    I would actually recommend the opposite.. It works best when I don't put to much pressure at all. Just a gentle push with my right thumb at the edge of the right side works best for me. Also, keep in mind that the cards will be in motion, making it very difficult to spot a tiny flash.
  9. Marb

    Dan and Dave as Sportacus in Lazy Town

    haha, nice find :D
  10. Marb

    Card Bundle

    I second Ive ordered from them before and the prices are great.
  11. Marb

    Bottom deal Sources

    expert card technique card college v.4 Revolutionary Card Technique there you got some books at least :) by the looks of it, Marlo's book seems to contain the most info on the bottom deal out of the three listed... VIII. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part One) IX. Seconds, Centers and...
  12. Marb

    thanks for the congratulation! :)

    thanks for the congratulation! :)
  13. Marb

    Thoughts on Zarrow: A Lifetime of Magic by David Ben

    Even though i've not nearly read as much as i should to state an opinion on this great tome, i must agree with you. This is a great book, and a great tribute to Herb Zarrow. Most of the materiel so far that i've learned are materiel i actually can see myself perform in front of others, and i...
  14. Marb

    Magic Books

    Here's some of mine: - Card College 1-5 - Mnemonica - Zarrow: a lifetime of magic - By forces unseen - Modus Operandi - Expert card technique
  15. Marb

    Online Shops in UK

    Cards4Magic do stock T11 deck... just to let you know :)
  16. Marb

    Mathematical Magic Challenge

    Lol that made me laugh. Anyways, this seems like a poor copy of a trick which is described in card college v. 4... And i don't like the idea about it being exposed.
  17. Marb

    My Christmas List

    Ebay? :) I already know that im going to get Zarrow: A lifetime of magic, and the Herb Zarrow on the Zarrow Shuffle DVD... i love my family :)
  18. Marb

    Proteus Performance - Final

    i thought it looked very good :) I havnt really got around the practice it that much but someday i will... someday...
  19. Marb

    Snap Change 'Clean-Up'

    That looked very good! Nice job.
  20. Marb

    This is EXACTLY why Dan And Dave Buck are the Best.

    oh man.. you cant imagine how jealous i am right now >.< thats just awesome!
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