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  1. timsilva

    New Layout??

    The new forum design look tasty! (hehe although my avatar head is a bit squished it looks like)
  2. timsilva

    Sleights that elude you.

    +1 on both the pinky count and the duck change. The duck change in particular is frustrating. My success rate is like 1 in 10. The idea that some people can hit this 9 out of 10 times is mind-numbing to me.
  3. timsilva

    Sleights that elude you.

    I have never been able to do the Clip Shift by Chad Nelson. It drives me insane. I've probably spent over 24 hours attempting to learn and relearn the method, going as slowly as possible, but I never seem to make any progress. The remainder of the deck is never squared up, the deck is always...
  4. timsilva

    Should we start to phase out the term "color change" for card transformations?

    I would really like to hear and understand the person who was rubbed the wrong way from the term (although it sounds more like a cautionary thought). I'll admit that my gut reaction is that its hard to take this seriously (as you presented it) since it's clearly just the merging two simple words...
  5. timsilva

    Saturday Night Contest - Faking Omega

    Now that I know about the 5th stooge in the command center, it all finally makes sense! Also that pencil @ 2:05 is legendary. :D Great job Robert!
  6. timsilva

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Max Major!

    1.) Can you share a unique performance/reaction story? The first one that jumps to your mind. Funny, unlikely, heart-warming, anything goes! 2.) What is the story behind Phantasmagoria Vol.1? The production is outstanding, will there be more of it?
  7. timsilva

    Theory11 Hollywood Roosevelt Deck?

    Lol @ Lyle's sneaky response. :D
  8. timsilva

    Holiday Wheel 2019?

    I always love the wheel and the prizes every year, can't wait :D
  9. timsilva

    David Blaine

    If it were the same girl, wouldn't it be possible that she was where he happened to be while performing for the special twice? He was hustling and out-and-about for a months shooting those specials. I've ran into the same people/groups that I did magic for in the past weeks/months many times...
  10. timsilva

    Happy Birthday Theory11!!

    Happy bday T11!
  11. timsilva

    What are some of your favorite practical "impossible souvenier" tricks?

    Factory Sealed (coin through water bottle), the version where you leave a quarter inside of the bottle, even though the quarter literally cannot fit into it. This is one of the smartest ideas/methods I've ever heard. I've done it dozens of times, and it leaves people with an impossible object...
  12. timsilva

    Theory11 Ellen Playing cards???

    Oh cool! Those look nifty. Hmmmm, I can only wonder how many brands you guys are teaming up with for custom decks behind the scenes
  13. timsilva

    The Wheel: Day #2

    Lucky me, I got 100 points! The new wheel looks absolutely amazing.
  14. timsilva

    Saturday Night Contest - In Target!

    Congrats Metermind! Also just wanted to say that I'm amazed with the Target partnership. I've also seen t11 decks in my local Walgreens. So awesome how far you guys have expanded... :o
  15. timsilva

    Break by Uday Jadugar

    Considering how many you get for the price (you can also get refills), and how powerful the effect is, I think it's completely worth it. One of my all-time favorites, for sure.
  16. timsilva

    Happy 10th T11

    Happy birthday Theory11!! To 10 more years. :cool:
  17. timsilva

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Blake Vogt

    1.) Were you and Dan skeptical that this method would work at first? 2.) There are very few great tricks out there that involve phones; what is one that you love that isn't your own?
  18. timsilva

    Guerrilla magic alive or dead?

    Agreed that there is nothing wrong with guerrilla performing. I think it is important to realize the the establishment of rapport is often cut from the videos that we see, and it is a separate (arguably more important) skill set of its own. Obviously the reasoning behind this is that TV viewers...
  19. timsilva

    Discussions on Theory11 are the best!

    Likewise! These forums will be a decade old later this year. Who else can say that, aside from the magic cafe? The quality and depth of discussion has always remained solid and consistent here, and I'm grateful to the team and community for maintaining it. In an age of social media platforms...
  20. timsilva

    Integrity of Using Effects You Figure Out

    I have explored many of these ideas. Like what I'd guess most magicians do, I can't help but add/remove/tweak elements from effects. I have used it for a changing card a few times but I have trouble finding a logical/presentational connection between floating a card in slow motion and changing...
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