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    Saturday Night Contest - Capture The Moment

    Here is my entry:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Obama:309 Romney:229 Obama:246 Romney:292
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    Saturday Night Contest - Twist of Fate

    9 spades 9 diamonds 9 hearts 9 clubs
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    Saturday Night Contest - Lucky Guess

    3 of clubs, 4 of spades, queen of clubs
  5. J

    Angry Bird Sponges aka. Mad Sponges

    I sent you a PM.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red - 7 of clubs White- jack of hearts Blue- 4 of hearts Red- 9 of diamonds White- 5 of spades Blue- king of hearts
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    New card force originality

    If my guess is correct, your method for this is similar to a very old Any Card at Any Number effect. It's a nice method in that sense but as a force I feel like the same thing can be achieved in a faster manner without looking suspicious. There was a fair amount of unnecessary movement which...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Not Magic, But Magical

    Here's a cover of a song I enjoy. It has some basic guitar playing so its more focused on the singing. -Jarrod
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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Principal- page 55 Superior- page 101 Palm- page 112
  10. J

    Bolt (Signed Color Changing Card)

    I feel as though the only difference between the two is when the card is placed back into the deck. And it doesn't have the second effect where the card changes into the second selection. Can the selected card be handed out at the end with a red back? -Jarrod
  11. J

    Beautiful Insanity.

    On Play it Straight, you flashed the clubs when going to split the cards into the four piles. I would suggest just casually riffling through the back of the pack until you get the necessary suit instead of spreading through and showing the faces of the cards to the spectators. In Kick back kings...
  12. J

    palming cards out

    You place the rest of the deck in your dominant side pocket or whichever side the palmed cards will be on. Let them check out those cards and then go to your pocket to grab the deck casually as you ditch the other cards on the top or bottom of the deck.
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    The Pans Change confusion

    Hey everyone. My name is Jarrod Freeman and I'm the creator of the Pans Change. I'd just like to clear things up about this effect so I made a short video. Please check it out. Thank you.
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    Standard Monarchs: Queen White Monarchs: Jack, King, Ace and Joker
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    New Utility Move! Help Needed!

    I "created" something almost exactly the same as this about 3 years ago. The only difference is that the cards were not spread. Instead the cards was just side jogged to be shown and then controlled to the bottom using the same method. I also have a download available on The Wire with one...
  16. J

    Possible submission to the Wire!

    For the first part, were you moving the bottom half of the seal to the back of the box? Because when you end the effect, you can see that part of the seal back on the flap of the box. Also, it just looked like you drew on the box with a sharpie but that may have just been the camera or how it...
  17. J

    Saturday Night Contest: Le Sequence

    4 of diamonds 10 of diamonds
  18. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Unofficial Preview

    I'm cutting it pretty close here, but here's my entry! -Jarrod
  19. J

    Saturday Night Contest: Duel in the Alley!

    Winner: Andrei with 164 Winner: MJ with 171 Winner: Andrei with 158
  20. J

    Original Effects

    Thank you both for the feedback. I really appreciate it!
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