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  1. GusEds

    TG Murphy Deck Flip Problem

    Maybe the deck is aged and you have a few cards which have bends or crimps on them. Take a careful look at the card's number and suit when they fly out, check to see if they're the problem.
  2. GusEds

    What the Heck Theory11?

    Go outside, it'll suppress the urge to whine to theory11.
  3. GusEds


    While I agree with the rest, this - not so much. But it's trivial. To the OP, just remember that you shouldn't judge a routine by how boring it feels to you, because to the spectator it'll be new, hopefully exciting, and maybe, just maybe - enlightening.
  4. GusEds

    What's the sleight card where...

    It's referred to as the riffle force. I know nothing else but I'm hopping on the bandwagon and confirming what the smart guys are saying ^.
  5. GusEds

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

  6. GusEds

    Private Message Question

    Or, if you don't want to 'sign up' for anything, use the image hosting client Imgur.
  7. GusEds

    What you think?

    Honestly? I think you'll regret it. Hey, that's just me though, so don't let me down you.
  8. GusEds

    No double for Lennart?

    It wouldn't surprise me if he'd actually been doing useless doubles all along!
  9. GusEds

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    You look absolutely fab, I hope that's what you were going for ya big bear.
  10. GusEds

    A delayed introduction

    Hi James, welcome to the forums. You seem to have quite the handful already, and it seems you are more interested on the tabled, gambling aspect of card magic. But that's by no means a boundary, it's a whole world of application! I think one of the most recommended books for beginners is the...
  11. GusEds

    Magic Talk Podcast Series

    Cool idea, a sort of mobile-hands-free version of a good thread! I suggest you expand the length of a podcast to be something around ten minutes or so, maybe spliced with different people talking and having conversations about the topic (while remaining on-topic, of course). A sort of...
  12. GusEds

    WOW - Can't Believe it

    Guys, what I was getting at is that you can't get far without ambition and dreams. Don't you forget that Donald, and by all means - keep going at it. I'm by no means anything more than a stranger on the internet, but I'll keep talking anyways. I agree with you, but I'm still skeptical. Perhaps...
  13. GusEds

    WOW - Can't Believe it

    The stupidest thing you can do is put your academic education behind your hobby. I don't care how strongly you feel about magic, life isn't a Disney movie.
  14. GusEds

    BICYCIB Playing Cards by China

    They're just knock-offs man, don't make the mistake they want you to make! ;)
  15. GusEds

    Random Thoughts

    Nah man, you got it wrong - I was adding to the list! Edit: Did you purposefully misspell 'spelling'?
  16. GusEds

    Random Thoughts

    Whining Don't cry because someone on the internet is taking pot shots at you. Stop by your local hospital and get a pair. Man it up because what you need in life is confidence in yourself, not arrogance.
  17. GusEds

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    It's funny because from the get go I pictured you as skulled-top hat wearing kind of guy. Oh wait a minute...;)
  18. GusEds

    How not to bash someone on Youtube

    He certainly doesn't act like it if he is. That's a lesson to be learned!
  19. GusEds

    How not to bash someone on Youtube

    The amount of Double-meta-entedre-irony in this thread budundles me.
  20. GusEds

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    Just playing, I had no idea what age you even where! This is a nice exercise in testing out my profiling skills...
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