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  1. scottbaird

    Techni-corner (card change)

    I had an interesting idea for a quick card thing that I thought I’d share. For those who’ve seen Chris Mayhew’s torn corner thing on his IGTV, you can see that I use it subtly here as a convincer, rather than as an overt move or change. The rest is just dressing it up for the change! enjoy...
  2. scottbaird

    Collectors and a Production (card video)

    Hi gang, I just wanted to share a Collectors routine that I’ve worked out, based on a 4-card production by Mike Bornstein in Apocalypse Magazine (Vol. 16 No. 1), “Bargain 4”. What I like about this routine is that the Collector cards aren’t even in play until the selections are lost. Please let...
  3. scottbaird

    The No Deck Switch Deck Switch

    Hey Theory11, Just wanted to share a video I took of a new concept that I’m currently exploring. A deck switch is when the magician secretly switches decks. This might be the opposite of that. Scott Baird.
  4. scottbaird

    Spreadsheet ACAAN for Zoom- an idea I’d like to share.

    Hi All, If you do a Zoom magic show, I had an idea that might appeal to you. It’s a way to frame a Card at Any Number effect using Google Sheets. The great part about the Google Suite is that you can instantly share access to the document with the person on the call, and they can view any...
  5. scottbaird

    UNDO Two (original card trick)

    Hello all, Just felt like sharing a new card routine that I put together for myself. Crediting the method- it combines a special Faro shuffle that I use in some of my own original work with the Undo Influence Control, created by Simon Aronson and explained in depth in his book, Try The...
  6. scottbaird

    Pockets of Candy (card trick)

    Here’s my take on a multiple selection to pockets routine. Some of the thinking in this routine is inspired by Chris Mayhew (hence the title). Please let me know if you enjoyed it! Scott.
  7. scottbaird

    Lean Travellers (trick)

    Hey, I'm Scott. As a re-introduction to these forums (It's been a LONG time), here's a take on a Larry Jennings classic (Open Travellers), with a cleaned-up handling and some reveals that "stuck" on the stainless steel countertop. Please enjoy! Scott Baird.
  8. scottbaird

    Strangest Gambling routine...

    ...that I could come up with. :P Comments and critiques are welcomed and encouraged! Scott.
  9. scottbaird

    Sick Spellbound Midnight Practice Session

    As early as it is (I've had the DVD since Monday afternoon), here's a practice session of Ponta's Spellbound Sequence. Just showing that it CAN be done relatively well, if not as good as him, and trying to encourage everyone to give this kind of wicked fun coin magic a shot...
  10. scottbaird

    New handling for a jumbo coin?

    This is a new idea I had for handling jumbo coins (whatever those are). You seemingly start and end with hands that are empty of jumbo coins. The idea is to ring in the jumbo and get it out of play without ever going near a pocket. Let me know what you all think, and what I can do to make...
  11. scottbaird

    Scott Baird Demon-strating a Reed Mcclintock masterpiece

    Based off of "Seven the Hard Way" by Reed McClintock (Knucklebusters), this routine is my attempt at bad humor and coin productions. It's done a bit differently than Reed does it; the patter is mine, unfortunately; and, the ending is also something I added to the routine. I know I've...
  12. scottbaird

    Scott Baird RUINED 3FLY!

    Scott Baird RUINS 3FLY- and he's back again! Hi. I'm Scott Baird. I can do a Fat Albert impersonation. Ignoring that, I've never really liked 3 fly. I loved it. But there was something that kept me from performing it. What didn't I like about it? All the transfers. Duh! Only the...
  13. scottbaird

    Performance Video- My routine

    My routine that combines Beijing coins Across by Curtis Kam with Sanada's Wildcoin routine. A few surprises I threw in for me, and a clever little JW Change that I really like, as well. Let me know what you guys think! (Also, credit to Shoot...
  14. scottbaird

    I've been away... and I am back

    What's new? I haven't been on this forum for MONTHS. And even then, it was a brief visit. Just curious, as this forum for coins is pretty dead looking to me... Not many people doing coin magic these days? There are threads on the first page dating back over a month. No one has anything...
  15. scottbaird

    One of My Creations - The WHITHER CHANGE

    This is a quick, QUICK video of it, so that everyone can see it if they like. It's based off of apollo robbins whither vanish, and uses a two-inch vertical muscle pass. THOUGHTS? Scott.
  16. scottbaird

    Some coin stuff I'm working on.

    This is an idea I had to produce four coins from one hand, kind of inspired by Reed McClintock's Seven the Hard Way (Knucklebusters). I liked the style of it, but just wanted to do four instead of seven. This is a coins across I've been...
  17. scottbaird

    Your local scene

    Who are the lesser-known coin guys that live near you, that might inspire you or help you out? What makes them great? Let's shed some light on the great coin magicians out there who choose not to be in the spotlight. Scott.
  18. scottbaird


    Wouldn't it be great if there was another COINvention? Who here would go? Does anyone know who started the last one? Scott.
  19. scottbaird

    Favorite coin magician to watch

    What coin manipulator do you guys like to watch? By that I mean, maybe you like their material, but who do you find the most entertaining? Kainoa Harbottle and Curtis Kam tie in my eyes; they don't sacrifice presentation when they perform their moves, like many do. Their magic is tough...
  20. scottbaird

    Akira Fujii- Coins Akira's

    I like to think that reviews belong in their respective specialized forums, and not in a general "review forum". So here's a review of the DVD COINS AKIRA'S, for all of those who dig the coin magic. I know I do. COIN'S AKIRA'S (Fujii's coin routines with Muscle Pass) DVD Quality - 4/5...
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