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    Saturday Night Contest - LUIS DE MATOS - Roundtable Discussion

    whats ur fav illusion you preform and what are your toughts on magic exposer such as the masked magican
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    Reactions - Through & Through

    but why would we buy this like an honest question all you do is stick an accupuntre needle through your hand what explanation is needed? also how is this a trick at all they can grab a needle and do the same thing themself it gets reactions but only because people are thinking WTF is wrong with...
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    t11.bulletin :: STATIC by David Jade - Now Available

    looks great how many times will we be able to preform it before are gimmick breaks ? you say enough for 10 + gimmicks but want to make sure they dont just break every other preformance is this a 1 time make or what thanks? :)
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    Infinity Bend - Eric Ross

    i have no intentons of revealin this iDONT have it but if you can only do it with silver coins and it cant be sighend isnt it just EDITED by moderator due to exposure? is there something else to it.
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    Tarantula by Yigal Mesika

    yes you need refils they are batteries the same ones the spider pen uses also u will need to replace the invisable thread over time both are around 10 buck to refill u should only need thread about 1 time a year if you use it alot and the batteries are good for awile but id say change them twice...
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    thanks man the brown wynn are very cheep ..other then shipping but great job
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    theory11 - GLITCH by daniel+Madison :: RELEASED

    yes this looks like the jonas change only holding a deck ?
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    Ever get caught performing Panic?

    same people don;t know what to look for panic is awesome you wont get caught ive done it many times surrounded by 40 50 people and they never get it i dont recommend doing it surrounded the people in the back cant see it as much lol but yeah i do it just like in the demo video surrounded for...
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    Magic isn't "cool"?

    yes i don't get weird looks people seemed to enjoy it alot every gf ive had has liked it and 99 percent of tthe people i have preformed for people really like magic like im in grade 10 and a bunch of cheerleader and jocks invite me to there grade 12 partys all the time and made a fanclub for me...
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    4 questions for all the magicians here

    I got into magic in 4 years ago after watching other magicans 2 WH DG david blane and 4 awile even criss angel 3) I don't know. I just let it flow. I don't restrict the creative process. It just does what it does. 4) I've sacraficed quite a bit. family gf relationships but it must be done
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    XPELL by Kevin Parker and Eric Ross

    im sorry but this is the worst trick ive everseen and ive seen alot of bad tricks it is a very dumb method and to much work for a really lame not very examanable reveal i dont really like kevin parkers stuff but when i bought this i was thinking something that may not suck but boy was i wrong i...
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    How safe is Thread?

    idk the trick is safe but for me is uncomfrtable to preform and i dont think you can wear contacts
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    Thread for Comedy Magic?

    yes i agree you should not reveal magic for a punch line like control and sleeping queen are great tricks and well anytrick shouldnt just be revealed for a laugh murray sawchuck is a comidey magican and he dosent reveal any magic like if you need comidey sort of things use an electric deck do...
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    Theory11 Music - Something Different

    id buy it for sure
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    Thread from Eye?

    wayne made this trick and will be sold in november at it is the first dvd in his new dvds wayne houchin signature series volume 1 it will come with a little book thing and the dvd
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    Exile performed by D

    i think it looks awesome and ontill the dvd comes out i see it as you have exile who cares if its a little different it's your own take on it and well looks like exile to me so a spec would think wow and not know the diffence between the to so again good job and good luck
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    Downloading Illegally

    i did once when i first started magic but it was bad quilty and just not worth it and i created effects and learned that i don't want my effects ripped off so i dont rip off any one else
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    Performing At School

    yes high school can be a great place to do magic i just finished my first year and and now almost everything i do is for people in higher grades i was in grade 9 going into ten and i did alot for 11 and 12 it was awesome got good reactions they paied me good money and got a few life experiences...
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    Angle Zero

    yeah don't spend more than $180 on it lol it is awesome buy it
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    Routining BeLieve

    end with believe dont open with it i like to do distortion than believe because both are very visual changes i had a girl scream and run away after distortion and when she calmed down did believe and her and her friends ran away screaming i believe i believe 100 percent end with it best ending...
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