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    Business section of the site?

    Grrrrrrrrreat idea, I have been waiting for so long for a business section.
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    No wiki?

    I do not think banning together is a good idea. E and T11 play an important part, yes, but it is a good thing that they are not on wiki. This is a good thing because laymen who are just looking for secrets to magic will look on wiki thinking that they will find them. But they wont and if they...
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    yet another useless thread thanks blahblah
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    Best Balloons For Balloon Animals

    What are the best balloons for balloon animals? And where can i buy them in bulk? Thnaks for the help in advance. TimFt.
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    Voodoo Doll

    I have never used a VOODOO doll. Thank You. TimFt.
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    Blind Review

    Check you PMs
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    Magic - It Hurts?

    Please no internet slang, Thank You. Just Playin' but for real I can't even read that. TimFt.
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    Card Through Window

    Wadup Guys, I've searched, but I can't find a good Card Through Window. I have Kaos which is great but I want something... else. Whats your favorite card through window? Whats the best card through? All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks alot guys. TimFt.
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    When We Were Young

    Stigmata. I was 11 and my older brothers friend showed me Stigmata in front of my house. I was F**king amazed. That is what got me into magic. The first tricked I learned to perform was the french drop. Then I fell in love with card magic. TimFt.
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    Very Strange

    WHAT?!?!????? Which batman? Are you crazy?
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    Sean Fields Sick

    Yeah, What he said!! Personally Sean I think that it is a great effect and I love all of your magic, so don't listen to pessimistic people like RS, very original. Romeo if you consider yourself a magician you would take pride in other peoples work because without people like Sean, and even...
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    Water to Beer?

    Where can i buy water to beer? Does it taste like real beer, Smell? THANKS ALOT TimFt.
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    Question about Tagged By Rich Ferguson

    I have a quick question for anyone who owns Tagged by Rich Ferguson. PM me. Thanks alot in advance TimFt.
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    Submitting a Trick to T11

    Why not E? Is it because you are so loyal to T11 and so naive that you can't go to another magic website to order top-notch magic products. It is obviously an amazing effect and if he thinks it is a good choice to bring it to E let him do so. Even if he goes to Penguin he has been working on...
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    Who are you?!

    I am TimFt and I am a Ninja, yes thats right a Ninja. Oh and by the way I was trained by the one the only the amazing Chuck Norris. Thank you and that is all.
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    My First Gig!

    Alright so I just booked my first gig at a college graduation party in my town. Its gonna be me and my boy. Hes gonna be doing most of the walk around and im gonna be mixing. Im still going to do some tricks. But heres the good part we are going to be doing a SICK illusion. Well its not...
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    That one trick... What's the name? Please help

    as would I love to know the name of that wonderful trick?
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    Tattoo Joe

    I'll tell you how it is. I was just saying it was gimmicked because all of the gimmick haters out there were gonn start bashing. And NO Worries dude i'll tell you how it is.
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    Tattoo Joe

    Hey there young man are you ready for your tattoo? Who else thinks this trick is pretty sick? I just ordered it. I know, I know, its gimmicked but it looks like you'll be able to get craZy reactions. TimFt.
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    How did you get started in magic?

    How did I get started in Magic? Hmmmmm... Well there were 2 people that got me started. One of my teachers Mr. Paul is a great magician. He was also a good friend of Criss Angel and David Blaine. And another person was a family friend. He was doing magic for a year by then and he did Stigmata to...
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