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  1. Jv

    Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players

    C1: Q of Diamonds C2: 5 of Clubs C1: 3 of Spades C2: 10 of Hearts
  2. Jv

    Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

    14 cards are in the box.
  3. Jv

    Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

    Patrick Kun: 47 Andrei Jikh: 36
  4. Jv

    Artificial Intelligence by FPS.

    A friend of mine, FPS. (who is a member among the forums Here) has given me a rough-draft of his new effect he's been working on the past few years, "Artificial Intelligence". BEFORE the effect begins, the performer claims he will IMPLANT a card into the spectator‟s mind – and he's already...
  5. Jv

    Rizer :: Complete Review

    If this is done the way I think it may be done, than it all depends on your style of performance. Although this does fit my performance, I'm a little hesitate on using a Sharpie on my forearm... but we'll see.
  6. Jv

    Metal by Dee Christopher and Titanas - My Review

    Primarily, the whole point in 'spoon bending' is what it says, to bend the spoon and create a magnificent illusion before your spectators. Can the spoon be restored, yes; but all that does is destroy the illusion you're trying to convey.
  7. Jv

    The Wire - Truth or Epic Fail?

    Or it just could have been Theory11's way of keeping members on the site and continuing them to be interested long enough to see what "The Wire" is... or what it isn't at the moment. Haha
  8. Jv

    The Wire - Truth or Epic Fail?

    "The Wire", a work in progress or it just never existed? Hm...
  9. Jv

    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl Prediction!

    I know I'm a little late, but here goes everything: Steelers 24 - 17
  10. Jv

    THE GIFT - matt sconce

    Yep, it really is. Wait till you see yourself perform this live, it seems like a real miracle. Fantastic job, Matt! :D
  11. Jv

    THE GIFT - matt sconce

    The Gift - Matt Sconce PK | Easy | DVD/DWNLD (372 MB) | 45 Mins | $25 - $95 for Package | You see many effects out there that claim, "If you had real magic, this is what it would look like", but many of those effects involve cards, coins or unnecessary...
  12. Jv

    Clench - Calen Morelli

    Haha - Thanks for the kind words, Luis. :) I'm glad to be back and I hope to stay awhile.
  13. Jv

    Clench - Calen Morelli

    CLENCH -calen morelli A spectator freely selects a card from a normal deck, signs it, places it back into the deck and shuffles it. Once they are satisfied that the card is lost, you fan the cards and grab the card from the deck with your teeth. This is a great stand alone effect or could be...
  14. Jv

    Hm... what I change my username to does not matter, afterall, it's just a fake and imaginery...

    Hm... what I change my username to does not matter, afterall, it's just a fake and imaginery name each and every username 'hides' behind, MagicLemonBird. ;) Inferno Kaiser
  15. Jv

    Your Facebook

    @DaveyG: Really, IMHO, you don't have any real valid points. They ask because they want to get in touch with you...! Well, you can't always be around your friends and family, hence the reason Facebook/Myspace was created to communicate with friends and family. This may be the only...
  16. Jv

    Card trick i created

    Sorry to disappoint, but this has been done before, I mean, I used to perform something like this way back... around the time I started magic (!)... nothing new... maybe your method is new, but the trick itself; nope, not new.
  17. Jv


    I remember having a similar "fail": I had my imp. pad installed inside my card case, so I had the spectator, on a post-it note, to wrote down any card she would think of, remove the note, and put it away. Well, I was building up the climax, until... you guessed it ... I got the card...
  18. Jv

    Your Facebook

    What ever that means... Yeah, I would like to know, too. Care to explain?
  19. Jv

    FLIPPED Series

    I agree with everything said above, but I give you 100% props for creativity... although, the flipping procedure for the card (if it's the exact way I think it's done) is something that I used to use a looong time ago... but I like the possibilites you're coming up with it. :)
  20. Jv

    Shudder - Dee Christopher :: Review

    Glad to hear, you'll definitely be happy that you picked up SHUDDER! :) Can't wait to read your thoughts and feelings, as well.
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