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  1. ChrisWiens

    Mechanic-Daniel Madison/Foundations-Jason England

    Foundations all the way. Jason is one of the best teachers, a well respected card mechanic and a real gentleman.
  2. ChrisWiens

    Double turnover get ready

    I think you are refering to the Double Pushoff method described in Vernon Chronicles and Carneycopia. It's also teached by David Williamson in Ridiculous. I use it myself and you can take a minimal break before. When you go into the pushoff, you have to widen it a bit. You can simply hide it by...
  3. ChrisWiens

    What type of decks do you like?

    I like cards that: - are not out of stock after a few days, weeks, months or even years. - offer a whole collection of gaffed cards, parlour cards and so on - I can use for many years to come. - are usable and flexible in use. Oh wait, I already found them ;)
  4. ChrisWiens

    Magic on the Chessboard.

    Nice to see Ahley in street play. I know him from his commentary together with Yasser Seirawan and Jennifer Shahade at the great chess events. I'm a (bad) amateur player myself.Of course you can't cheat a relatively good player (even less a player of Ashley's strength) because he will memorize...
  5. ChrisWiens

    Your Influences In Magic

    Doug was the first magician I've ever seen (ages ago on TV as the guest star in the Muppet show ;) ).
  6. ChrisWiens

    Your Influences In Magic

    My biggest influences in magic, but all for different reasons (as my style is not similar to most of them) - Juan Tamariz - David Williamson - Fred Kaps - Roberto Giobbi - Michael Vincent - Dai Vernon
  7. ChrisWiens

    2 Card Transpos With no Dupes

    'Ace in the Pocket' by Darwin Ortiz
  8. ChrisWiens

    What is the best dvd to learn gambling sleights?

    Jason England for sure.
  9. ChrisWiens

    New Theory11 Website Layout: Thoughts?

    Looks more elegant. I really like the new fonts.
  10. ChrisWiens

    Supplements for The Expert at The Card Table

    I would ask Jason England. He's one of the most proficient experts in all kinds of Erdnase related stuff.
  11. ChrisWiens

    Tom Mullica, sad news

    Sad news! He's one of the most funny and talented magicians I've seen. A real entertainer. Hopefully he will recover. Not long ago I've watched "An Evening at the Tom Foolery" again. One of the best there is.
  12. ChrisWiens

    Which cards do you think Faro the best?

    They do. I use them regulary. They faro easily out of the box. No preparation necessary. The first runs of the Phoenix deck had two different cuts, but the actual ones are all cut that top-down-faros are easier (the non-classical cut). Which is the cut I prefer.
  13. ChrisWiens

    An interesting video from Vanishing Inc

    Let's face it, you will never ever please everybody. That's just not possible. A trailer which is absolutely clear about what you will get would often give the secret away, so I totally understand you can't do it. Otherwise even with the most honest trailer out there that will not give a hint...
  14. ChrisWiens

    An interesting video from Vanishing Inc

    I'm a happy customer of Vanishing. Inc and all I can say Andi and Josh are indeed the most honest guys I've ever met in magic. I had some conversations with Andi (e-mail) about some products and he was extremely honest about these products. No business man would do that. That means he really...
  15. ChrisWiens

    Sankey Magic

    I like Gabriels suggestion. However if you really want a Sankey product, all you'll ever need is the Definitive Sankey. All three volumes are above your budget but one of them is still way more bang for the buck than any other Sankey product.
  16. ChrisWiens

    Which Deck Switch Is Best?

    Get "The art of switching decks" by Roberto Giobbi . Best value for the money.
  17. ChrisWiens

    Rubber band tricks/routines?

    Tomas Blomberg has a neat one in his book Blomberg Laboratories. "Magic Lesson", a borrowed ring and rubberband routine and as a climax for CMHC his "Abandon" is really nice.
  18. ChrisWiens

    Food Magic

    Beerglas Effect ;)
  19. ChrisWiens

    Coin Magic. I need some direction

    Dan Watkins has some really nice tips on his site for the classic palm (oh btw it will also answer your question what to concentrate on in Bobo's as a beginner) which is IMO NOT an easy sleight at all. It's one of the most difficult to perfect and practicing it every day is a good idea. Doing it...
  20. ChrisWiens

    Books and Dvds

    I think there's a misundertanding. I'm not criticizing the medium youtube or videos (in fact youtube is a great resource for performances of great magicians), I'm just complaining about bad learning resources. And from experience I can definitely say it is MUCH better learning it the right way...
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