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    Magic Related Dreams

    So, I've wanted to make this thread for a while, and have not checked the search for a related topic but that's besides the point, plus i haven't posted on this thing in ages so hi :D Has anyone had any magic related dreams before?? i've had some crazy ones When i was younger, before...
  2. Insert.Username.Here

    Dark Knight Joker Card

    Ok this is a random/weird question, but would you happen to know what cards the Joker uses in Dark Knight (or in any joker movie).... or anything close to it... Also if you can buy decks of cards of just jokers???/ please let me know :D
  3. Insert.Username.Here

    Gerard Senehi on Today Show

    “Mentalist” Gerard Senehi shocks TODAY hosts with some of his psychic abilities.‘mentalist’ Watch and Discuss
  4. Insert.Username.Here

    Battle Idea: Parent vs. Parent

    I personally do not want to battle but i would like to give an idea for a battle: Parent(or Guardian) vs. Parent (or Guardian) Teach your mother/father/grandma/grandpa/guardian a trick, and have them perform it live to a bunch of people neither they or you know. (has to be live) Best...
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    One Live Chat To Decide Them All, TONIGHT! 9 p.m. EST! With only hours until the big Live Chat, here are your Final Four contestants. High seeds will face off against low seeds with judges deciding the early round and YOU the viewers acting as tie breakers in the championship should one be required. Who’s...
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    Why magic?

    so that's my question, why magic? was discussing this to nikki on an aim chat a couple a minutes ago. So i want to ask you: Why Magic? Why do you like magic? Why did u want to start out in magic? What reason do you do it now? How does it make you feel when you do it? How do you want your...
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    jbear574 posted up this a couple of minutes ago, and gave me the idea, why not ask everyone how they misdirect their audience. Do you say "Hey look it's a meteor shower in the sky." or do you say "look i'm trying to misdirect you"! I find that the best misdirection is when you look someone in...
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    Compression by Dan White

    I just heard some rumors that the dissolving Deck trick on David Blaine's Special should be sold soon and it's called Compression by Dan White (this is a rumor ) not a 100% sure, Any more info would be appreciated Thanks
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    1-on-1 Ideas

    Recently, many people were not happy with Death to the Double Undercut. Me personally, I know a regular double undercut but i do like this one as well (no sarcasm). So I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for a one on one that theory 11 should sell/teach. My ideas is to teach...
  10. Insert.Username.Here

    BentTouchSlink by Daniel Garcia

    Has anyone seen the new dvd that Daniel Garcia is coming out with called Bent Touch Slink. This is a preview of a cover, looks cool. If anyone has any more info let me know. Thanks
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    Does.anyone.know.anything.about.Daniel.Madison's.Collateral? sorry: I didn't use the search bar. :( already a topic: PS: what ever happened to whispered secrets among us with wayne houchin 08/08/08 Sorry
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