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  1. cdwonderist

    How long usually?...

    Hey guys I posted a vid about a month ago and was wondering how long does it usually take to be posted in the media section? Um I seen a new vid from this past halloween so I don't know how things work when it comes to being posted but would like to know how long some of your vids have taken. No...
  2. cdwonderist

    WaterMark Download Problem

    Hey guys(specifically Jonny Bayme). Umm I downloaded Watermark last night it is telling me that I need quicktime. So I could not open it. So the problem I have is that I completed the download on my downstairs computer which is pretty slow and does not have quicktime. But my upstairs computer...
  3. cdwonderist

    Watch this...

    Checkout Ramo D.'s (Theory 11 member) video called All Over on He did not tell me to do this I thought it was impressive. [LINK:]
  4. cdwonderist

    KEEP MAGIC ALIVE - Contest Update

    Okay soooo I know I never posted a winner for last week's contest. The truth is after reveiwing all of the pm's and e-mails I recieved I couldn't chose a direct winner because everyone was so close. I had one member who I wanted to pick but there were so many close others. But because of the...
  5. cdwonderist

    KEEP MAGIC ALIVE - Contest

    For those who are unaware of this thread: Weekly and bi-weekly I will be posting threads containing quotes and different trivia pertaining to magic. Those with correct answers will recieive free magical prizes. This is legal because it will all becoming from my own pocket. This is NOT a thread...
  6. cdwonderist


    THis will be the beginning(if my thread isn't pulled for some reason). I will be posting different quotes and trivia randomly for T11 members. The first to contact via a pm or e-mail will receive a free magical prize. This is Not a thread for giving out free stuff but about growth and knowledge...
  7. cdwonderist

    Shudder by Dee Christopher

    This looks breathtaking. I just want to know is it COMPLETELY impromptu or does it involve a gimmick. Gimmick do sometimes create bigger effects...but I'm tired of gimmicks and I read Justin Miller saying it was impromptu. Is the can borrowed and its "technique?" Or do you have to "tweak" it...
  8. cdwonderist

    Username Question

    Hey I was just wondering if any of you guys or the "higher powers" could tell me if it was possible to or how I could change my username? I would like to change it to my govt' name. The one I have know, I'm not really feeling anymore. ThaNKs peace and love
  9. cdwonderist

    BLAINE announces Vertigo II

    I just read on several forums and had a listen New York 100.3 and Blaine supposedly was announces VertigoII!(goosebumps) Umm I think this would explain why it twitter account he has been trying to lose 5lbs a week(no breads diet) and has been seen with freediving experts. This is awesome news...
  10. cdwonderist

    Pressure Bonus Handling

    Today recieved the e-mail from jb about bonus. I clicked on the link and it says login. Now am I supposed but member name in and password or the security code password(alphanumeric)? Because I tried all three and nothing is happening. It says put the secure password in below, but nothing's...
  11. cdwonderist

    David Blaine Explains Split Spades

    Check out db's website and he explains why only the blue split spades are in that particular order. Check it out you'll be in for a treat. Enjoy...... BLAINE!!!!
  12. cdwonderist

    Surfaced by Chad Nelson

    Hey guys I was just wondering how long did it take for some of you to recieve the dvd. I got standard shipping 5-8 days. I ordered it on the 8th of Feb. and haven't gotten it yet and today's the 24th! I don't understand? E-mailed dan and dave and haven't gotten a response. I went to support and...
  13. cdwonderist

    Captured by Justin Miller

    Hey does anybody know if captured was released and the price. Last time I checked Kozmomagic it was up for pre-order on the 19th. When will the official release date be? Thanks Kif Darrell
  14. cdwonderist

    Captured by Justin Miller

    I have a few questions(actually for Justin himself). This effect looks insane, but if the cap is placed in the spectator's hand how come the trailer doesn't show this? Also, when will be the actual release date and what will be the price? One last thing. Does it come with a gimmicked cap or is...
  15. cdwonderist

    Four Days and Four Hours

    Hey young world. I was NOT going to advertise this because that this is not. But I believe that there is strength in numbers. Four days and four hours obviously is equal to 100 hours and that is what this about. I will be fasting for 100 hours for mental, physical, and spiritual strength for my...
  16. cdwonderist

    Music for Magic

    I have been writing and producing music since the age of 11. If anyone is interested in ORIGINAL music custom formatted around their act or videos I can be of service. My music is generally sounds like "magic" if that makes sense to you. I can watch a scene from your video and build the music...
  17. cdwonderist

    Dynamo The Magician

    Hey young world, is anyone familiar with Dynamo? I first heard about him about 1 year ago on the Iticks front page. He is now in my personal top ten. He is young magician who mixes cardistry and magic perfectly and little bit of pop lockin. He has a ton of vids on My fav vids are...
  18. cdwonderist

    Dear Sinful Doug

    Honest mistake my friend I geniunely thought it would be helpful. thank you sir. God bless and remember to always keep them wondering. Peace oh could you friend me as well on db's site I'm also known as cdwonderist there
  19. cdwonderist

    David Blaine's Website

    Just in case anyone cares, DB's website is being revamped with all new(new to us) unseen footage. And everything is pretty awesome so far. If anyone knows how he does the card configuration for Steve Nash or mainly who created the effect let me know. Its simple but mindblowing. Thanks god bless...
  20. cdwonderist

    Passing Thru by Kevin Parker

    Anyone who knows the method to passing thru, take this into consideration. Instead of using a coin try it with a bottlecap(corona top or twisted tea top etc.) Its just as visual, if not more, and it seems more impossible. Trust me its become my only cap through bottle(glass) that I use. You...
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