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    Perfect predictions are not so perfect...

    I really don't know what to think. It was indeed a quick piece, but it didn't fail at all. He got it right. The reaction was not there at all, though... Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe it was a show for lay people and not for someone like me who isn't really new to mentalism effects (compared...
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    Perfect predictions are not so perfect...

    Allow me to not remember that detail. I'm sorry.
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    Perfect predictions are not so perfect...

    The title of the thread represents the conclusion I came to after going to Derren Brown's Infamous. The show was great, but that's not what I want to point out with this thread. So there was I, in the first rows of the Palace Theatre in London, watching Derren do what he does best. Entertain...
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    In no particular order: Daniel Madison Luke Jermay Apollo Robbins Shout out to Craig Browning for being awesome!
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    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    Confabulation maybe?
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    Marked Deck

    Because the theory11 moderators don't allow us to *reveal the secret* to we all know what release by a popular mentalist, even though on all the other sites selling we know what, they all talk openly about the fact that it is a marked deck. With that in mind, it's the best marked deck I have...
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    What do you think about my control?

    Not deceptive either.
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    My coin vanish!

    I believe this vanish hurts a lot :D
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    Idea of presentation for The Code

    Derren doesn't use The Code. If you get The Code, you could 100% duplicate his performance and make it look exaclty the same. Something pro's advise against, but everybody wants anyway.
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    Idea of presentation for The Code

    Although a different method is used here, I really like this presentation by this hobbyist.
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    Idea of presentation for The Code

    I would add a blindfold to your routine, so it doesn't seem obvious where you get the info from. EDIT: But then again, what is the purpose of a blindfold if you can't see the cards. Great idea nonetheless!
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    Best Release This Year

    As I'm not really into 'magical' magic, if I may call it so, I think The Code is the best release from t11 this year and the only one I ordered.
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    Help! Anyone know the name of this trick?

    By reading this description alone, I can't understand why would you want to perform it. It has no purpose.
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I agree that the judging is not entirely fair. A few weeks ago, a guy won 2nd place in a contest that was about FOOLING the judges with what I may describe as "producing a bunch of coins 'out of nowhere' after shoving his hand in his pocket and taking it out in a clenched fist". The 1st place...
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    Cerca Trova

    Don't trust google.
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    People complaining about the wheel being rigged should stop. People complaining about free stuff should stop, while we're at it.
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    Saturday Night Contest: Medallion Coin Challenge

    Only one entry is allowed I believe.
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    Saturday Night Contest: Medallion Coin Challenge

    My first SNC entry ever :D I hope you like it.
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    Friction Pen Ideas?

    Mathieu Bich once released a collection of effects using this pen. I got the pen for magical purposes, but ended up using it regularly.
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    Need Advice on Attracting a Crowd/Busking

    Make something visible levitate over your table. People will come without you saying a word.
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