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  1. renome

    Access - Cody Nottingham

    Access is the newest twist on the card to box plot, coming straight from the mind of Cody Nottingham, which most of you know as the author of The Wire's popular release IN2, and some of you as the name signing the DVD Changes, which introduced a couple of the most visual (and the most hardcore)...
  2. renome

    Shipping question

    In the last year and a half or so since I discovered this site, I always used the middleman from Slovenia or Italy to buy your products, since you don't officialy ship to Croatia (I know, I know, even I can't find it on the globe sometimes). I'm sure this has been asked before, although I...
  3. renome

    Pencil work

    I'm looking for some good impromptu pencil vanishes and productions. Any suggestions?
  4. renome

    Fan production

    I was watching TMS recently and saw one of those magic veterans performing various tricks in which he locates the 4 aces from the deck. What really caught my eye was a fan production where he made two one-handed fans and waved with them over the table thus producing each ace one at a time. So...
  5. renome

    Getting rid of an excess object

    I'm working on move that changes one small object into another, much like Garcia's finish on "Greed". After the change i transfer an object into the other hand, but a lot of people still wants to see the hand in which the change occured instantly after the transfer, and that just doesn't give...
  6. renome

    Your Pandora

    So, I was wondering how many of you do the first phase of Pandora exactly like it was taught on The Trilogy? I specifically aim at the part between peeling of the card from the centre packet with a thumb (after the tornado cut) and ending in z-grip. A lot of guys skip that part that kind of...
  7. renome

    A quick question!

    Hi, I'm a new member of the forum and still relatively new to cardistry and illusion in general. However, I wanted to ask a question about submiting original effects to theory11 team: do I need to describe the effect only, or do I need to write the whole explanation of the trick when submiting...
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