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    A New Card Switch :: SandSwitch

    Top change?
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    My mind is blown

    I don't get what you're trying to argue. Are you saying that the 5 of clubs was forced? Honestly, your argument about my use of my word "implies" is completely off topic. Chance is a very plausible factor in the cleanliness of the handling of the trick - Dai Vernon's Out of Sight, Out of Mind...
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    My mind is blown

    THe Trick That Cannot Be Explained is not comparable to the effect in the video in the least bit. You can't compare a trick with an unlimited number of outcomes that needs extensive handling of the deck 90 percent of the time to a trick like in the video, with 52 cards that could be named and 52...
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    theory11 should have a Buying/Selling Thread

    T11 is a business - why would they want to compete with users in their own community buying used versions of their products? It just doesn't make any sense in terms of profitability.
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    Performing after 3 months and guess what...

    I'm thinking the girl wasn't trying to be a heckler and was genuinely asking you if you were holding two cards. You probably flashed it.
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    What's the sleight card where...

    hmmm. but the "riffle peak force" sounds like the one where you ask them to say "stop" and you show them the card to remember.
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    What's the sleight card where...

    you riffle through the cards with the faces of the cards toward the spectators, having them think of one they see? I use it all the time, but have no idea what it's called.
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    Make your own invisible thread?

    You want wooly nylon - that's standard invisible thread. You can probably find it at any thread shop. Here's kevlar invisible thread. I bought it, but it's a b!tch to strip. I mean, stripping up to a 5ft strand is fairly easy, but I tried stripping 30 ft or more for my ITR, but I never go...
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    Enough With the Jumbo Coin Endings!

    In what way is magic logical? Magic defies logic.
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    If you do card magic: READ THIS

    Cool, but the card change thing you mentioned at the end of your post isn't boring at all... I use it all the time and it get's the best reactions out of any trick. My patter is pretty simple too: "Pick a card. Remember it. Put it back in the deck" They put it in, I smack the deck jokingly and...
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    Reliable eBay Sellers?

    The only way to know is to read the feedback. Generally you want to see high percentage positive from a large number of ebay transactions.
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    Make Anything Vanish gimmick

    The Gecko is better but it uses a similar concept.
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    Ten Theories?

    It was a hype to get people to come to this store. They just want money. "Theory11" sounds the "coolest" (just imagine the names theory10, theory9), so they just bsed 10 theories. The 11th theory is "rich greedy, magic corporation profiting off teens."
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    My Reset

    Obviously you have better than average skill, but there's some things I have to comment about. - You're shuffling way too much at the beginning. Unnecessary, the audience should already believe it is mixed within a single up the ladder cut sequence. Do 2, maybe 3 sequences, but don't shuffle...
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    Tumble: Organic Performance

    Good job, but I don't think that much cutting is necessary after the card is placed back in.
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    Magic isn't "cool"?

    Really? No one has ever told me magic was geeky and called me geeky because of it. Making people sh!t their pants with crazy, impossible-looking feats is geeky? The only people who get told magic is geeky are the GEEKS. It's the performer, not the magic. Just imagine watching a kid with a high...
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    Digital Dissolve

    That's not exposure... if someone saw digital dissolve and asked you "how is that done?" and you say "a slippery sam gimmick," they wouldn't have a clue... it's not exposure.
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    Digital Dissolve

    It's not any different. But the dvd teaches you the handlings on it, so you are paying for more than just the gimmick.
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    Best Trick for School?

    lol, dummest. The irony.... Anyways, so what? Let him, don't just show the same tricks over and over. Would you rather have one trick exposed or several? And magic tricks done over and over to the same people aren't magic; it becomes more of a puzzle. If he tells everyone, just act like you...
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    Repro Retro

    I just figured out watching over and over. This is one of the tricks that are worth doing that. First time I saw this and found out they were normal cards, I was in shock, and had to do it.
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