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    2 new david blaine episodes

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there are 2 NEW DAVID BLAINE EPISODES on tonight on the travel channel starting 9 pm eastern.(thats what my dvr tells me) They are kind of like documentaries I believe. so HIT THE RECORD BUTTON
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    Cant listen or download podcasts

    Ever since daniel garcia's last podcast I cant listen or download the mp3. Im pretty sure its my internet, but is there another way of accessing the podcasts. more specifically danny G's
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    What magician are you?

    hey guys, i juss thought it would be interesting to see what type of magician u are. i feel like im a HYBRID between Daniel Garcia and Dan White. I like to amuse and make ppl laugh like danny G. then i like to leave a mysterious type feel like Dan White, making ppl think u have some type of...
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    EMC on PS3?

    hey guys, i juss read that the emc will be free to watch on the internet, all you need is a broadband or whatever, my question is, could i watch this on my PS3? i have an ethernet connection, i would like to watch this on my T.V. screen instead of the computer screen. any info would greatly...
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    Where to Find Bicycle Vintage Safety Back and Racer Back

    i like to collect cards, and i was wondering if u guys knew where i could find the bicycle vintage safety backs and racer backs, penguin and ellusionist are out of stock. i would appreciate any help. Thanks
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    New Video

    hey guys, juss wanted to let you know that my bro and i juss made a vid, i was pretty impressed at the editing bc it was really his second time doing it and it was used w windows movie maker, not the greatest editing tool, but i hope you like it. Constructive criticism is welcome Thanks...
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    hey guys i was wondering if you guys can tell me what would be a good buy from here. these are my choices Methods in Magic by Joshua Jay...i dont know if i would get this bc the tricks taught are some i already know, but it sounds good Casanova hesitating bc i feel that this...
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    Static Gimmick - Help

    hey guys, I have recieved my static dvd, and i got around to making the gimmick, the first time i made it i realized that is was not right, the gimmick had ungimmicked itself after a couple tries. I made it again and i got it right, my question: After a couple tries, like five times the gimmick...
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    Impromptu Sit Down Magic?

    hey guys, i was wondering if you guys could suggest some strong sit down, (like living room Type) magic that is impromptu. I guess street magic but sitting down. I want some strong ones that require no setup or i could setup easily in front of them. Tricks that could be used when put on the...
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    Suggestions for openers?

    hey guys, i actually have a couple questions regarding openers. 1. how many small tricks (warming up the crowd kind of tricks) do you reccomend before performing your main trick. for example on David Blaine specials, im sure he warms them up b4 showcasing the strong tricks that we see on tv...
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    Criss Angel Card Trick?

    hey guys, ive seen this a long time ago and i juss saw it again. ive always loved this trick, now my question, is there anything out there that allows u to do the whole revelation of the card like he does it, the flipping over the card, and making it rise to your hand. heres the vid...
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    PK ring Vortex?

    hey guys i was wondering whats the difference between the vortex pk ring and this pk ring and can you guys let me know of any other good rings that are on the cheaper side. i wanna get a ring to...
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    Gibson Close-Up Pad

    hey guys, i was wondering where else i could get a good close up pad, ellusionist is out of stock. Where do theory11 get their pads? I want a fairly good size and just all black...penguinmagic has a lot weird lookin ones and are out of stock Thanks
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    Hershey Kiss Trick?

    hey guys, I really love the trick hershey kiss performed by cyril takayma, now i never performed bc i dont have the gimmick, now i know how its done, so my question is how can i get the image of the hershey kiss w/out using a home printer cuz mine is broken, i wanna have a good image on the...
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    Symphony winners?

    hey guys, i was juss wondering if they are going to announce the winners at all, or juss tell the winners juss hoping i still have a chance. Thanks
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    2nd Edition Bee Stingers?

    hey guys, I noticed that the bee stingers are sold out, and it says that the second edition will come in two-four weeks. i was juss wondering how long ago was that posted, so i can get an idea of when they will come...i really wanna get these cards. Thanks
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    Michael Jackson lean trick?

    hey guys, i was juss wondering if there is any way that you could do this in real life, not on video or on stage. Its the lean he does in the smooth criminal video. this is the move thanks
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    Simon lovell gambling moves or darwin ortiz card cheating?

    hey guys, i was wondering which of these two dvds is better for learning gambling moves. If there is another dvd thats better please let me know. Darwin ortiz Simon lovell Thanks
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    Art of Magic

    Hey guys. i juss wanna ask everyone how they feel about the people chosen to be on this dvd, like david regal, D&D, aaron fisher, i think thats it...anyways, for me i feel like these are all great people to be on the dvd, but i feel that there could've been more and better people to be on the...
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    El Cambio Nada - Eric Jones

    hey guys. this is my first review, and since there is no reviews on this i thought i would do it. Effect: An elegantly smooth color change that is executed at chest height. With a slight wave of the hand, one card visually changes into another. Method: The method for this color change is...
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