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  1. PurpleMustache

    Quick Interactive Mentalism

    i dont think this will work on magicians. as soon as i saw the three fingers i knew what was gonna happen
  2. PurpleMustache

    Card to impossible location.

    angle zero by daniel madison is pretty good and easy but its only a torn corner to an impossible location. not sure if its what your looking for but you should check it out.
  3. PurpleMustache

    Flourishing, What to Learn?

    definitely learn the sybil cut. a ton of flourishes are based off of it and its really easy.
  4. PurpleMustache

    How do you explain magic morals?

    im in high school so the way i often explain it to my friends is by saying something like "imagine you spent weeks writing an essay for a class. you worked really hard on it and revised it and made it as best as it could be. then i took it and handed it in, taking credit for all your work and...
  5. PurpleMustache

    An essay on creating mentalism, and thoughts on it

    i read it when you posted it. why do you not want it public?
  6. PurpleMustache

    If You Could Meet...

    definitely derren brown.
  7. PurpleMustache

    Saturday Night Contest - Backstage Pass

    is that an original move? if not, where did you learn it?
  8. PurpleMustache

    False Shuffles

    i've never really liked the zarrow. i think it requires too much speed and cover to really look clean. whereas with the push through, they can watch the cards actually mix together
  9. PurpleMustache

    10 Things You Need to Do To Improve Your Magic

    one problem with video cameras is that if they're not good, they can make things look better than they are. if you do a sleight on a webcam and it looks perfect, it may not look that way in real life. though it isnt that hard to get decent quality cameras these days
  10. PurpleMustache


    i dont know about that. pretty much everyone who wanted some got some by now. i do know one thing, if they do become collectible, im not gonna sell mine because these are my favorite card design.
  11. PurpleMustache

    What is a good price/ Contest

    hard to say without actually seeing it but i think since its a control, the price definitely shouldnt go over 3-5 dollars
  12. PurpleMustache

    Sneak Peek - The Inside Scoop

    isn't it kind of unfair that a bunch of us bought it for like ten bucks and the new one is only like 6?
  13. PurpleMustache

    Designing a New Deck of Cards

    definitely 2 corners. also you should do 2 colors for suits instead of four.
  14. PurpleMustache

    My Custom Deck, How does it look?

    it looks terrible, frankly. thats coming from someone who loves minimalist designs. but its one way and just isnt very good
  15. PurpleMustache

    Daniel Madison "Player" deck

    hey i won the deck in the snc they had for it so i didnt get a video for the code. i never tried to get it becuase im not going to use them for magic but im sure you could go to the support section and ask for it
  16. PurpleMustache

    Moonshine Playing Cards

    they look nice but with all the new custom decks nowadays, they're not anything special
  17. PurpleMustache

    Designing a New Deck of Cards

    having the old school no numbers seems really cool. but you should stick with red and black
  18. PurpleMustache

    Brand new cards?

    its important to become good with all kinds of decks. brand new decks can be a pain but just wear them in a little. when it comes to fontaine, i had the same problem with new cards. the problem is that new cards are really slippery so when you do the move, it can sometimes get slightly reversed...
  19. PurpleMustache

    SMOKE by Alan Rorrison questions

    for number one, one cartridge lasts for a very long time. when you get the gimmick it already has one cartridge in it and it comes with 4 refills so you wont need to buy more for quite a while.
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