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  1. Aly Moursy


    hey guys,this is a little idea I had,its a control....any feedback would be appreciated :)
  2. Aly Moursy


    hey everyone,do u guys know that on youtube yesterday dan and dave released a tutorial for their new flourish prequel but when i woke up today it was gone i saw it yesterday and i think it might of been a mistake.
  3. Aly Moursy

    Chat Roulette?

    hey guys so i saw the video of the piano improv guy on chat roulette so i thought it would be a cool idea if we did tricks to people on chat roulette i tried it and it was alot of fun so tell me what u guys think good idea or bad?
  4. Aly Moursy

    descent by kevin parker

    hey everyone this a review for kevin parker's coin thru glass descent. descent By kevin parker price:$17 for download and $24.95 for DVD Where At? What They Say: This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets...
  5. Aly Moursy


    hey guys,so ive been working on the diagonal palm shift for like 9 months now and i do it a little differently so tell me what you think and advice is rllllyyy apreciated thanks alot.
  6. Aly Moursy

    L cut?

    Hey everyone, Where can I learn the L CUT? I hear it's in the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes - but is there any place other than that?
  7. Aly Moursy

    christmas tricks!

    hey everyone im here visiting new york so i wanna ask you guys what tricks/decks/books i should get for christmas?
  8. Aly Moursy


    hey everyone i just wanted to ask you know that revelation where you force a card and then take out a sealed envelope and it says you will pick wtvr card you forced bla bla bla well i though about this knew way where will make it even more impossible lets just say your gonna go out and perform...
  9. Aly Moursy

    Table Pass?

    hey guys i just wanted to ask did u here about sumthn called the table pass?
  10. Aly Moursy

    Raise Rise Performance

    hey guys could you tell me what you think
  11. Aly Moursy

    People who use Jerrys?

    hey everyone i was looking at the jerrys nuggets page on wikipedia's_Nugget_playing_cards and they said their is a guy called ashraf miah that uses them does anyone have an idea of who he is?
  12. Aly Moursy

    Is this original?

    hey everyone i wanted to ask if this is original. picture this your doing a normal double lift but you never turn it over just put it in the center of the pack and it does exactly what a DL DOES i had to do this with a webcam so bare with ill shut up now and show it to u...
  13. Aly Moursy

    Static Performance

    hey guys this is my performance of static enjoy aly
  14. Aly Moursy

    Price of Static?

    hey guys static is gonna sell for 20 $
  15. Aly Moursy

    You are a real magician if...

    1. Your best pickup line is "Pick a card." 2. You use the word "effect" rather than "trick". 3. You pay $50 for a $1 coin. 4. A "shell" is not something found on a beach. 5. All your friends call you when magic is on TV. 6. You never play card games with your cards. 7. While...
  16. Aly Moursy

    NYC meet up AGAIN...

    ok this was in another thread but it was to long so heres that so me and raymond (dkrelements)wanna jam on friday or saturday so we whos gonna join us we had a jam last week and it was rlly fun but it was only me and him so hopefull we will have a big mmetup and perform to ppl hope everyone can...
  17. Aly Moursy

    NYC Meet Up

    hey guys im thinkin about a meet up in nyc any ideas maybe fantasma?
  18. Aly Moursy


    hey guys this is my take on criterion by chad nelson tell me what you think,
  19. Aly Moursy

    Rope Routine

    hey guys this might be the wrong thread to post it on but does anyone wanna battle on a rope routine? ps:i posted in the battles forum but know one ever checks that forum
  20. Aly Moursy

    Rope Routine

    hey guys does anyone wanna battle me with a rope routine?
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