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    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    So now REF4M is released. What did you guys think about it? No offence to the theory11 team, im a huge fan of 99% of what you do. But isn´t this quit a suspicious handling of the TnR card? From what i can understand from the trailer the card can not be handed out. Isn´t this quit an important...
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    Jacks and Jokers shirts

    Hello! Does anyone know how big they are? Im thinking about ordering one for my friend as a gift but i have no idea about the sizes. With some Brands even a size Large can be pretty smal while other brands size Large is huge so i have no idea which size to get.
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    Luke Jermay Color Blind

    Hello! I know the original method for the Color blind effect but i dont like to use it since i like to use a different brand of you know what that you need for the effect. How good/practical/clean are the other methods on the dvd where you dont need that special something that is needed...
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    Jason Englands Classic pass.

    Hello! Is anyone here using/practicing Jason Englands handling of the classic pass? If so, i have a few questions for you. Most other sources that i have been trying to learn the pass from uses both the left fingers to pull the upper half around as well as the right fingers to pull the...
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    How do you practice/Keep your moves sharp.

    After doing magic for several years you will probably have collected quite a lot of material and information. You have probably learnt tons of Sleights and Tricks and other stuff. The problem is, because of school, work, friends and family and other activitys you cant just sit and practice all...
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    How do you practice?

    Hello everyone! Im going through a phase with a lot of practicing of sleights and routines and doing some fine tuning and refinements. I would like to hear, how do you practice? I was reading through Michael Close book Closley guarded secrets and his advice if you want to become really...
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    Strike vs get ready DL

    Almost every magician seems to love the Strike or hit style double lifts and most magicians seems to think that it is the way to go in terms of double lifts. After hearing other magicians rave about it for years i decided to learn some strike doubles so i picked up a few sources. After...
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    Negativity towards The Pinky count.

    I have always stayed away from The Pinky count until a few weeks ago when they released Jason Englands 1 on 1 on the pinky count. The reason is quit a few well respected magicians have said quit a few negative things about it. Like its "very hard" and "very hard to performe and to cover"...
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    Your magic plans for the summer?

    So i guess for most people schools out for a few weeks/months and the summer is here which means more free time to spend on your magic. Do you have any plans for your magic for the summer? Books to study, moves to practice? Places to performe? Whats your plan and goals in magic for the summer?
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    Feeling unmotivated, Time to take a break?

    Hello everyone! Lately i have been feeling quit unmotivated when it comes to magic and actually a bit tired of it both when it comes to creating, practicing and performing. I just dont get any excitment from it anymore at all. I would like to hear if someone have gone through the same thing...
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    Gregory Wilsons backstage pass?

    I found this awsome move in one of Gregs dvds, its one of the best and most practical passes that i have found for real world performances. Greg even does it from the "bad" angles in the magic castle performances and there is nothing to be seen. Is anyone else using this awsome move?
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    Do you practice everything?

    Hello! When you have been into magic for a couple of years you have probably learnt and come across more Controls, Palms, Color changes, Switches, Doubble lifts, forces, Vanishes etc than you remember then name of and when you are new to magic it can be fun to practice and learn new stuff...
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    The Gravity half pass

    Hello everyone! I have been working on the GHP for a while now and i have a few questions that i hope that someone could answer and help me with. 1. When the pack starts to revolve the cards bevel abit so i always feel like i have to square them up under the cover card before the packets...
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    Phuges Pass?

    Hello! I have been watching the dvd Avenue and i was watching the explanation for Phuges pass and i have a few questions, i hope someone here can answer them. I have used Daniel Garcias Ego change since i first learned it from his dvd Daniel Garcia project vol 1 a few years ago and they...
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    The Classic Pass?

    Hello everyone! I have been working on the classic pass from time to time for a couple of years and since august i have been working on it really hard everyday to get it down after seeing that so many people likes the sleight so much. I personaly dont like the pass at all as i feel that...
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    Push through Shuffle 1-on-1

    Hello! I have been working on some gambeling routines from Ben Earls past midnight dvd set and in some routines he uses the push through shuffle but he does not explain anything of it, so i was thinking about getting the 1 on 1 to learn it, but i was wondering how hard is the push through...
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    Tired of the magic industry?

    Hello everyone! Is it just me, or is the overall quality of the magic products being released lower and lower at the same time as their advertisment is getting better and better? Latley i have been getting some stuff that were promissed to be "Ultra practical,audience tested and extreamly...
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    Miller Cascade Control?

    Hello! I was thinking about getting the Miller Cascade control on Dan and Daves site and i was wondering, How hard would you say that the control is? Is it something that i will have to spend months on trying to master it?
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    A problem for magic in the future?

    Hello everyone! Yesterday i was at a party where a magician was hired to performe and he was quit good and seemed like a nice guy, and everyting went on fine for him until... A guy in the audience took upp his new Iphone and started to search for the secrets behind his tricks and find almost...
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    Splitting Invissible thread?

    Hello everyone! Is there anyone here who is experienced with IT? I got a really long reel of Invissible thread which i first was dissapointed with because it looked really thick and vissible, but then in the booklet that came with it it said that you could and should split it into 3 pieces...
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