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  1. Antney1234

    Polaroid Change REVIEW

    The Polaroid Change by Bsmith I just purchased the ''Polaroid Change'' 1on1 today and this is my review for it. Size: 185,012 KB TIME:16.5 minutes INTERMEDIATE THE QUALITY: Like all Theory11 videos the quailty is amazing and very clear. THE TEACHING: Bsmith taught the change very...
  2. Antney1234

    TFC first video!

    Hello! this is my first video i've posted. It's called TFC- Trick,Flourish,Change.It's a short video were i show a 3 peices that i love to include between or during a preformace. It's all my creations execpt the EGO CHANGE by daniel garica for the ''Change'' part of the video. For the ''Trick''...
  3. Antney1234

    Trick name bothering me

    This may sound a little weird but i can't remember a trick name. I used to have this effect where a coin was signed then it dissapeared and the magician brings out a box. The spectator opens up the first box but there is another box inside. Boxes appear inside each other but then inside the last...
  4. Antney1234

    Unknown Cut In Spring Jam Video?

    Hey guys I was watching the Dan and Dave Spring Jam video Link: I noticed a cut at the 00:10s point. What is that cut called and is it published anywhere? Thanks!
  5. Antney1234

    Has anyone used the theory11 text updates?

    Hey guys i saw that you can use your phone to get Theory11 updates.Ive known this for along time but i was wondering if anyody did this yet?:)
  6. Antney1234

    Holiday Magic Books?

    Hey guys we all now that the Hoildays are coming up!!.I was wondering which of these 3 magic books i should buy. 1.Card Finesse 2 2.Totally Out Of Control by Chris Kenner 3.Aaron Fisher Paper Engine they are all at my localmagic store so can you give me your opinions which one i should...
  7. Antney1234

    Wynn's Question - Money Order

    Hey guys soo the wynns are going to be out again today at i think 11:00 or 12:00pm so i want to buy by money order and i contacted support and they told me what to do if i want to make a money order.But i dont think i will be in time to summit a ticket that fast when the wynns are out to get...
  8. Antney1234

    Factory Sealed and Bullet: Clear Everything Up!

    Ok guys lots of people are making tons of thread's about Factory Sealed everywhere asking all these questions and i want to clear everything up with Factory Sealed and Bullet.I will have some questions that people asked me and that are all over the internet. Factory sealed: Is it...
  9. Antney1234

    Witness by Lee Asher/Deuce Bag

    Hey guys theory11 has been really great so far the tricks are awsome and i cant wait for the new guardian 2nd edition but i really cant wait for Witness by Lee Asher.I was wondering if anyone owns this effect thru the book ''Thinking Out Loud'' by lee asher which it is published in called...
  10. Antney1234

    Jerry Nugget Box

    Hey guys i am new to the fourm and i have one question.This may sound a little weird but i just realized this a couple of days ago.How does the Face of the Jerry nugget box look like? I only now what the back of the box looks like.I might be stupid for asking this question but i am very...
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