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  1. Aly Moursy

    Dan Hauss Is The King!

    successful troll is successful.
  2. Aly Moursy


    hey guys,this is a little idea I had,its a control....any feedback would be appreciated :)
  3. Aly Moursy

    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    hey guys cold u guys tell me how many hours are left exactly im kinda confused because of the different time zones. :D
  4. Aly Moursy

    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    what do i do after i reach the page that says the page is now diamonds!?
  5. Aly Moursy


    hey everyone,do u guys know that on youtube yesterday dan and dave released a tutorial for their new flourish prequel but when i woke up today it was gone i saw it yesterday and i think it might of been a mistake.
  6. Aly Moursy

    Chat Roulette?

    hey guys so i saw the video of the piano improv guy on chat roulette so i thought it would be a cool idea if we did tricks to people on chat roulette i tried it and it was alot of fun so tell me what u guys think good idea or bad?
  7. Aly Moursy

    Submit a trick: Reality check!

    hey everyone i just wanted to ask that if JB could tell us which 1 on 1s which were submited.and i completely agree with jb and mike on this! :D
  8. Aly Moursy

    t11.bulletin - SHINOBI CONTROL by Emran Riaz : Now Available

    hey emran really like your control but may i ask did u submit this trick and it got accepted?
  9. Aly Moursy

    Got crush! First look.

    damn i found out this after i bought it 10 mins ago!! :(
  10. Aly Moursy


    hey nice review but did u include garry A's flourish?
  11. Aly Moursy

    descent by kevin parker

    hey everyone this a review for kevin parker's coin thru glass descent. descent By kevin parker price:$17 for download and $24.95 for DVD Where At? What They Say: This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets...
  12. Aly Moursy


    ok hey everyone thanks for all your constructive criticism so i put together this little video with some patter so tell me if this is better.
  13. Aly Moursy


    hey tony thanks for the great advice but i do have a reason but thats when im using my patter i just wanted to show my idea but i do have patter for it and a reason but thanks again ur advice was great!! :D
  14. Aly Moursy


    haha cool great minds think alike haha bit to much..haha
  15. Aly Moursy


    hey guys,so ive been working on the diagonal palm shift for like 9 months now and i do it a little differently so tell me what you think and advice is rllllyyy apreciated thanks alot.
  16. Aly Moursy

    t11 : Saturday Night Contest - For The Record

    corgrantz bao u deserved it....and jon thanks for the mention :)
  17. Aly Moursy

    t11 : Saturday Night Contest - For The Record

    most rises done in raise rise :P
  18. Aly Moursy

    L cut?

  19. Aly Moursy

    L cut?

    Hey everyone, Where can I learn the L CUT? I hear it's in the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes - but is there any place other than that?
  20. Aly Moursy

    Last post for a long time

    thats deep!
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