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  1. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    People actually aren't tearing at each other's throats, which is encouraging.
  2. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    That's really just not a necessary comment. It has nothing to do with the discussion and was a pathetic attempt to sound funny to other atheists.
  3. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    Actually one of the reasons I started this thread here is because I wanted people from the magic community to give input, since talking about it anymore with the Christian society would be beating a dead horse. Also, I simply enjoy picking people's brains for information.
  4. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    Another example of an effect like that is something like Stigmata, and control. Now I've never actually performed Control for real, but I have had an experience where one person just covered their mouth and walk away after the trick was over. It's, in a sense, too good of a reaction. Chris...
  5. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    Read it with the quote above it. I was simply trying to say that it is saying the same thing I was trying to say in an earlier post of mine. When a magician succeeds in putting a sense of belief in the audience, then it is much better than just showing someone a trick, obviously, however, the...
  6. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    There is much about the bible that I know absolutely nothing about, but when I understand the idea of getting a little uneasy when people claim knowledge about something that they haven't done the research for and actually have no idea what they're talking about. As far as that commandment goes...
  7. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    I ask the question to this as well
  8. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    I agree, the only offensive/immature things said were the usual he said she said things. People have been actively respectful of people's beliefs and the only fighting is the usual forum fighting that takes place. William, I would like to clarify something that you've been misinterpreting. The...
  9. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    I understand the controversy that the beliefs can bring up, which is why i tried to make it about the approach people take to magic, and not the beliefs themselves People react to the way you perform based on SO many different things, not just their beliefs, religion was more of an example to...
  10. KevinOwens

    Magic vs. Religion

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted here, I wanted to throw out a topic for discussion that I've come across lately. A while back I was in a youth group meeting and the topic of the night was Exodus 20:3; Do not have any other Gods before me, one of the 10 commandments. Some people...
  11. KevinOwens

    Maddona 3

    I don't even think they call it the Madonna III. They just call it Madonna in the Trilogy. They didnt really change it, it's just a different cut.
  12. KevinOwens


    i think i first learned it june of 08. im just finding now that I have it pretty much perfected.
  13. KevinOwens

    Bee - Smooth Finish?

    I've never heard of such a thing. No matter how different the different types of bees feel, the cambric finish is exclusive on bees. -Kevin
  14. KevinOwens

    The Wire

    How does one waste a post? They do not seem to be limited. -Kevin
  15. KevinOwens

    The Gravity half pass

    The idea of the move is to make it look like you're simply raising the pack from a mechanics grip to an elevated mechanics grip. Even if the cards do bevel a little, squaring them back up can be covered by the same motion of raising it to the finger tips. Practice raising the pack back and...
  16. KevinOwens

    If you do card magic: READ THIS

    "It's not that the tricks aren't hard hitting, its the people performing them make them "non-hardhitting" One of the most intelligent things I've heard in a while. To give some advice here, because I agree with your post, here goes... LISTEN TO BRAD CHRISTIAN. To be honest, as far as...
  17. KevinOwens

    Fix your patter!

    I had a discussion one time with my history teacher about giving lectures. He talked about using the word "um" and how so many people develop the bad habit of using it when they speak. He gave this suggestion, When you come to a point when you're speaking where you think you're going to...
  18. KevinOwens

    Flic by Dan and Dave

    also, Dave does it in portable playground. at about 24 seconds in. -Kevin
  19. KevinOwens

    theory11 bulletin : Four Final Images Before Release

    This is the thread that got overlooked and missed. -Kevin
  20. KevinOwens

    theory11 image bulletin - This Week You Will See

    Um. Guys easy enough, there's another thread where this was being discussed. It got overlooked. This thread was posted earlier. That thread above was posted later, with more pictures, and it is where all of this was discussed. People...
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