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    What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

    One hand top palm into classic as i hand the deck out or table the deck :)
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    White Centurions box?

    This is right :) Just a white box
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    Getting A Tattoo

    Bro just take ur ideas to an artist (not ur local bikey joint) and see what they come up with and what works with that section of skin. Do your research on the artist, and see what style u prefer... Im 12 hours into my full sleeve and it's not a regret, this isnt my first tattoo, it's...
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    Limited Edition Bicycle - A little story inside

    Same with the latest edition of DnD's Mirrors, awesome cards though!
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    t11.bulletin : DVR by Tony Chang - Now Available

    Didnt even notice it till I showed my brother, who picked up on it straight away. Loved the trick though, Tony's great!!
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    Killers DVD - Daniel Madison and Myles Nakouzi

    Hey Guys, Just browsing Daniels new site (Advocates backwards) and found a link at the very bottom right of the products page: It says: Killers - Daniel Madison and Myles Nakouzi - DVD. I searched but there is no info on it anywhere that...
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    English Laundry - Dan and Dave Buck

    I have found mine are clumping up real bad. Originally they were great. Havn't opened them in a few weeks, but have now found them to be handling horribly fan wise (red and blue wynn style) Anyone else had this issue?
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    The Manifesto: 2nd trick preview

    Congrats on the book! I would be more than keen to see the trick as I am also a card guy, looking for a great new opener. I am a huge FAN of card tricks, and I'm sure this will be one to DRIBBLE over. I'm sure its one of those tricks that CUT it above the rest, not one that people PASS on...
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    5 Decks

    To each their own, but i'd say: Aladdin Arrco Smokes Split Spades Guardians Guardians being #1, amazing deck.
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    Surfaced unnamed trick?

    Not sure of the name. Probably is unnamed, as it's so common. It's just a control then obviously the change. Unless I'm totally incorrect and thats not what you meant...
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    Card Game flourishes etc

    Did you mean something like this? Although this stuff does take a while, I see it being well worth it..
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    Spin by Matt Sconce?

    No gimmicks. 1-2 seconds setup time. Kinda awesome! Check here: Def recommend :)
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    Card Forces

    Slip Force Variation. Riffle, ask to call stop, then instead of moving the bottom packet forward loading the top card, I rotate the top packet palm up (as I load the card) and say "lets get a card I haven't seen" as I point to the bottom card of the top packet. This action then loads the...
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    Hey Mate. I live in Australia and have just purchased Lit. I have been searching all over the...

    Hey Mate. I live in Australia and have just purchased Lit. I have been searching all over the internet to find matchbooks with no luck. I noticed a while back to commented on a thread regarding this issue. I just wondered if you found or know of a place that sells them, cause the only place I...
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    Question About Frequency by B. Smith

    I should also ad that it totally fooled my family, who are now completely desensitized to my magic! Cool mental piece, that is a great variation from my usual Force>Mind Read>Reveal..
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    Question About Frequency by B. Smith

    Hey dude, Without exposing too much (and if I do please edit). What is taught is purely a card location. Can be presented anyway you like. It requires the spectator to riffle shuffle (I presumed this prior to my purchase though). If they can, the deck can be shuffled and cut as much as...
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    Sup dude. About the Watermelon Bees. Where about's can I find them. Been trying to track...

    Sup dude. About the Watermelon Bees. Where about's can I find them. Been trying to track these down for a while! Thanks Mate
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    Theory11 Tally Ho's :: Rumors?

    Also the Tally's I have ordered here (got 6 red decks) obviously have 2 jokers. One is the regular one, but the other is just writing, no picture. I then ordered some black ones from penguin which had the 2 regular jokers as usual. So im not to sure whats up with that...
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    This is Awesome

    Ha nice - Oh Amir
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