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  1. Jewish_Illusion

    JAQK Cellars

    I dont know if anybody else noticed this, but if you go to the red JAQK section in the Playing cards section of t11 there is alink to the jaqk cellars website, where you can purchase the original JAQK playing cards for only $9! they are sold out on T11 but I thought I should point it out...
  2. Jewish_Illusion

    breakaway wand- an interesting story

    an interesting thing happened at a show i just did about a 1/2 hour ago. it was a birthday party for a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds(the birthday girl was turning 4) and I invited her to help me with a trick- I was going to use a dove pan and mix in sugar and syrup and stuff, and change into candy...
  3. Jewish_Illusion

    consecutive shows: resetting and plan B

    Hey guys, since Chanukah is a time when i get a lot of gigs i ended up doing 2 shows, one night following the next. Because of all my schoolwork and homework and stuff I had rushed a bit for the first show last night, and although it went well, I feel especially proud of what happened...
  4. Jewish_Illusion

    Inspiration in Magic

    hey guys ever since i started magic at around age 8, I was always excited about it. I would watch other magicians, go to their lectures at the local magic shop, buy cool tricks and burn through decks of cards by the truckload. I have always felt as though my initial start in magic and...
  5. Jewish_Illusion

    Headsets and expenses

    Hey guys, Lately, I've been looking at different options for wireless headsets to use for large crowds. I'm not looking for any amplifier now just a headset or some kind of hands free device If you know where i can start looking then please help me Thanks
  6. Jewish_Illusion

    Card manip routine

    hey guys I've been debating this for a while but today i finally decided that i wanted to try and create a small 2-3 minute card manip routine to do as a finale to my show. the first thing i did was write down every single flourish, cut and spread i know well. i've been doing magic for 5...
  7. Jewish_Illusion

    blending balloonist with magic

    hey guys I have been doing magic for quite a while and have always tried to incorporate some other aspect to my performance, like ventriloqism and the like, and i was wondering whether anybody had any feelings about combining magic and baloon twisting I really was only bringing this up cuz...
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