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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    which ones would be better for magic and flourishing. Ive started to hate bikes so i wanted to start buying different decks and wanted everyone opinion
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    Advice Please

    Ok well I was at the eye doctors today because my eyes suck horribly :[ and I was waiting for my glasses so i started doing magic to people while i was waiting. I ended up doing it to this guy who is supposed to be this big time comedian or something. I did Daniel Madison's outlaw to him ( I...
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    Bicycle Problems

    Ive been having problems with blue bicycles lately. I just bought some more bikes and all the blue ones I seem to open have this problem. Like on the sides of the cards it feels like sandpaper. There hard to control and bend really easy. Also when there bend its like impossible to get back and...
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    Wrath Question

    For the few who have it, Do you really have to keep burning through decks every time you use it? or can you use one deck with some crazy gimmick that i cant think of?
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    I know this probably sounds stupid, but I was thinking like with all the flourishing and sleight of hand we do, does that make us at a high risk for developing arthritis?
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    How do you feel about pyschological forces?

    I always steered away from psychological forces because i always thought i would fail and it would never work and all that jazz. But like an hour ago i was reading a Daniel Madison book (That guy is amazing) and he showed me how he would force the seven of hearts. So im like, yeah that wont ever...
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