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  1. Adrian Ehlman


    I used to do this back in the day. It doesn't hurt at all and does not take much courage either. :) You aren't supposed to use thick pins like sowing needles. What I used was the small pins you would find in dressing rooms (the one's removed from nice clothes). The pins are very skinny and have...
  2. Adrian Ehlman

    STRONGMAN : New From Bunny Boy Collective

    I definitely think this is neat. People have been thinking about different ways to put a presentation to this and they said you could make the phone move over to a selected card. It would make a very creepy presentation... the strongman finding the card instead of the magician...
  3. Adrian Ehlman

    STRONGMAN : New From Bunny Boy Collective

    Ok. Well... What do you guys think about it? I like the whole apect of the video. Its more like the magician isn't doing the work but rather the "strongman"... pretty different from other animation type effects.
  4. Adrian Ehlman

    STRONGMAN : New From Bunny Boy Collective

    (Thanks Visualartist... make sense)
  5. Adrian Ehlman

    STRONGMAN : New From Bunny Boy Collective

    Check out the new video from Bunny Boy Collective... STRONGMAN: A Cellphone Effect- "A really, really good effect"- paul harris "Strongman is an eerie cellphone effect created by rodney reyes. this effect is featured in his upcoming book, muse. COMING SOON." I...
  6. Adrian Ehlman

    New From Bunny Boy Collective!

    : ) perfect. Now that I'm still alive... watch away my friends. A
  7. Adrian Ehlman

    New From Bunny Boy Collective!

    I understand there were some sore spots with the video. But, I urge people to not get upset by them. I'm merely letting people know that if the videos are watched... more will come. Don't shoot the messenger. A
  8. Adrian Ehlman

    New From Bunny Boy Collective!

    There's been a couple new videos which have been put up from the BBC. The videos have caused some controversy... Check them out for yourself AND Watch the videos and ENJOY them. They're good fun. So, watch them, and spread...
  9. Adrian Ehlman

    Bunny Boy Collective Sneaks into MagicLIVE

    Guys... Check out the video... its funny stuff. Edited very nicely as well... Rodney told me if the videos start getting a lot of views A PREVIEW OF AN EFFECT FROM HIS NEW BOOK "MUSE" WILL BE POSTED. I hear there's going to be some crazy stuff in it. So..... watch the video. Spread it...
  10. Adrian Ehlman

    Kardwell - Guardians

    There is most likely no typo, and I could't imagine them being fake. Kardwell usually has more expensive shipping, which in turn will make the cards more expensive unless you order an extremely large amount. A
  11. Adrian Ehlman

    Dan and Dave - Smoke & Mirrors

    Actually, that picture was just made in photoshop by Alejandro from a picture of David Blanch's (at least thats what it says in the blog post)....
  12. Adrian Ehlman

    Magic of Japan

    As people have said before, the effects he performed were either from the two books mentioned or from old issues of Genii Magazine. To the best of my knowledge, there is no book titled "Magic of Japan". I believe the person performing on youtube was just saying he was performing magic of...
  13. Adrian Ehlman

    Signature changes cards or Signing two cards

    Ahh yes, the Crystal Method. I've been looking into this for quite some time. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the makers of this effect are providing one "crystal method " in each July issue of Genii magazine. At least thats what they said. or wait... could it have been Magic magazine...
  14. Adrian Ehlman

    Standup Show for 30 people

    Sometimes it is good to take the opportunity and agree to do a show even if you don't have all of your effects lined up (provided you have enough time to get a show together) because it can provided a good foundation for starting out and doing bigger shows of this sort. I did this a few...
  15. Adrian Ehlman

    On Friday The Twenty Seventh, Cards. Will. Burn.

    Wow, This does indeed sound pretty cool. I'm surprised it is out already (thought it was coming out on Friday).... time difference maybe? A
  16. Adrian Ehlman

    Some UMC Interesting Pages

    haha I remember when these pages were available. Oh, and when they released the application form. The good 'ol days! Adrian
  17. Adrian Ehlman

    Devil's Cola Bottle

    Haha, I was just looking into this effect yesterday too. I've heard it is very good and has been used by many pro's like Penn and Teller, Cyril, etc. Hefty price though..... Adrian
  18. Adrian Ehlman

    A little help, please? Here is one I found, but please everyone, do me a favor and don't spend $20 on these cards. I really like these cards as they have a...
  19. Adrian Ehlman

    A question and help would be appreciated

    While i have don't own any references to this duct tape blindfold, nor have I performed it, I did look into it awhile back. John Archer has a DVD out tiltled "Blindfold Tips" which I have seen to have wonderful reviews. This DVD is only around $33 and is an hour and a half long. While I don't...
  20. Adrian Ehlman

    A quick change

    I do agree with you in terms of something can be original even if a piece of the effect is not. But to sum things up, I haven't seen that used as a color change in my experience. Also, i hope my last post didnt come off as me saying this wasn't original to you you, I was just trying to provide...
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