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  1. louis

    Mmmm... new theory11?

    wait.. what ? was i away for this long ? new theory11 ? looking good i like it? since when was it like this ?
  2. louis

    ''My'' Color Change

    A color change I came up with, From King of hearts to King of Spades. I might not be the first one to do it, if not tell me who created it first and I'll give the proper credits. Thanks Obviously inspired by Daniel Madisons Change. Music By Wiz...
  3. louis

    What do I Do ?

    I uploaded a video in the media section by mistake ( the wrong version of the video ). it says I can't post twice the same so i wont just re-post the new version but i also don't want the old one to be approved. help ?
  4. louis

    Daniel Madison Song Help

    hey everyone i a huge d+M fan and i'm looking for the tittle of the song used in the Fong deck video can anyone help? On Vimeo or On danielmadisons site
  5. louis

    How to improve theory11?

    Recently I've seen a lot of new accounts being created just to spam our beautiful forum that is Theory11. And I had an idea to help prevent spam. I think it's a good idea but maybe it's not. What if every time an account gets created the first comment posted by the account must be approved by a...
  6. louis

    Symphony question

    For you guys who have symphony i would like to ask a question about the effects before i buy it. what are the angles in JACOB'S LADDER and VOID ? thanks a lot ps sorry for my english
  7. louis

    Tarantula revealed ?

    funny, look
  8. louis

    Tarantula Review

    well i know it can't be bought anymore but this is for the ones still waiting for it, or the one who might buy it in the future. Effect: You make things float ring dollard bills cards etc... make thing move cards, pencils etc... Tricks: (sorry for the names i don't remember the...
  9. louis

    Anyone has a review for the Ishkabibble Sandwich

    Can anyone write a review about the Ishkabibble Sandwich by Eric Jones ?
  10. louis

    The Advocate by Daniel Madison

    The Advocate Every Time Daniel Madison releases a new effect it's alway better the previous. once again D+M created a masterpiece who overcomes any other effect he ever created. Effect: Any Card, Any Time, Anywhere. 16 Tricks are explained in the pdf but there's millions of...
  11. louis

    Color Change Battle

    go vote dude it's me and my friend with the same webcam in the same house same hour.. etc lol Vote or Die :P
  12. louis

    Ninja Related Activities

    Danny Garcia's nunchuck skills:: lets talk about it.. Seriously How many deck of cards do you have ? and where do you keep them ? EDIT: I have 50 decks and i use to keep them in the T11 boxes but now I keep them in shoes boxes it's the best it fits perfectly
  13. louis

    Propaganda Reviewed

    THIS REVIEW IS ALMOST THE SAME AS THE ONE I POST ON THE PROPS PAGE. The Box: The box looks beatiful it's all black and white (almost gray). it's not written Bicycle which is cool. nothing amazing or special it's just good. 8/10 The Cards: Back Design: I love the back even if i hate war...
  14. louis

    Thread Impromptu?

    how impromtu is thread ?
  15. louis

    Fun Story

    So there used to be a magician in France which i can`t remember the name that did a TV special. In the TV special he asked everybody who was watching to turn on all the lights in there houses. He claim that if he could concentrat enough he could make some of the explod. And he did. Hundreds...
  16. louis

    What should I get for my birthday?

    yeah for those whowant to know i do mostly card magic but i'm looking for stuff like redline impromtu or not and most be hot lol any ideas ? i have almost everything from daniel madison execpte for blood and three and i don't want these
  17. louis

    Where can I get By Forces Unseen?

    read the title.
  18. louis

    Magic is an Art

    so.. Magic and Flourishing are both art and i think alot of you will aprove this my question is: What other types of art do you guys do?
  19. louis

    Angle Zero Performance

    so yeah my parent invited some of there friends tonight and they asked me to do some magic soo i performed sometricks and i performed Angle Zero but it just didn't went good i hate performing for old snob people they suck
  20. louis

    Funny Stuff

    soo yeah i've realized and i'm not the only one i hope... that alot of laymans or something like this (people who don't do magic i think) find impossible ways to explain tricks they are seeing.. i remember that some people we're saying that to perform control you all you had to do was to stop...
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