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    Best card production challenge

    well this is quite interesting challenge , it would be interesting to see who is going to win this . it is going to be really tough.
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    Packet Trick

    well the tricks are really good , one should have enough practice to perform these tricks .
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    13 steps to mentalism

    well i don't know much about this book , can anybody please tell me about this book .thanks in advance.
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    Where Magic Becomes Pure Beautiful Art

    ya i agree with you jFergz , it is really a treat to watch, love it , it is really a good one.
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    GHOST COIN Best new version

    well i haven't watched it yet , but i heard a lot about this trick , can you please send internet link , so i could watch it, thanks in advance.
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    well i think that theory11 is your source for the latest and greatest magic tricks, instructional magic DVD's, and playing cards. Every product you see on theory11 is produced in house by our elite team of industry-leading performers, creators, editors, and producers.
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