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    Daniel Madison Effects

    Get Dangerous and Burn
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    The Devils Pirouette Tutorial

    eh i don't really like it, its not that good, at least they gave it away for free.
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    Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

    is there a video of this anywhere so i can watch it?
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    Art of Magic - Wayne Houchin - First thoughts

    All the effects on this dvd seemed amazed and are very simple. Go out and buy it! and i wish candy scam was on this dvd though :[ does anyone know the name of the luke dancy trick?
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    Rêve Noir Playing Cards.

    you must have a lot of money to create your own deck, especially if you say your not that good.
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    Triple Thought Revelation

    How bout you have all three of them name there card at the same time?
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    Live Evil Wallpaper

    Thats was one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen in my life!!!!! And here's a nice family friendly song to go with your picture title :)
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    The Advocate

    Or you just emailed him like me :p
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    Snap'D :: How Long?

    ive been doing it for over a year now. it took me like a month of practicing to get it perfect. But i need to get it into position to do it im trying to learn how to get into position with one hand
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    yea i don't know i just got a biased feeling going on.... coughscreennamecough... ugh my cold is coming back im sorry.
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    haha. ive only played with one deck in my whole magic life. im gonna get the fan backs because they look cooler. thanx
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    i wanna believe you but for you odd reason you seem kinda biased..... hmmm:confused:
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    which ones would be better for magic and flourishing. Ive started to hate bikes so i wanted to start buying different decks and wanted everyone opinion
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    Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

    Stigmata - Its been a year since Ive preformed it and people still ask me to do it Out Of This World - Perhaps the best card trick in the world Outlaw - Daniel Madison Fine Scripture - Daniel Madison
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    Palming, to what extent?

    The only one ill ever use is the gamblers cop <3
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    Most difficult aerial flourish?

    Dam, i never even heard of half these flourishes, and i really wanna see that arm spread pirouette. But for me it would half to be Therox by Daniel Madison, ive only done it like once its crazy. Also downfall and vertigo are pretty hard.
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    Valentine by Jamie Daws

    thanx :) worddddddddddddddddddddddd counttttt
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    Valentine by Jamie Daws

    if anyone downloading the pdf he has really nice cards he uses. does anyone know what they are?
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    Advice Please

    Thank you... I found out what im going to do. Ill call him in about 3 or 4 weeks and tell him straight up i dont do stage magic and never have, ill definitely stress the walk around table to table, and if that doesnt work ill get some stage magic. As you guys said this is a great opportunity...
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    Madison - Outlaw

    i got it. It gets really good reactions and can a great mentalist effect
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