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  1. Vorezo

    Helicopter Pirouette/Padiddle

    Hey! Here is a new flourish I have been playing with and would like to know what you think! Thanks :)
  2. Vorezo

    Twitch by Eric Simmatis

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know about my new download Twitch! It's a really cool move that has endless possibilities including color changes, card switches and a tnr! Hope you guys like it and if you have any questions I'd be happy to...
  3. Vorezo

    Holiday Contest Winner

    Hey! I cannot believe it but I am one of the winners of the scratch card contest!! I had an order I received recently, only to find no tickets inside so contacted support and got new ones sent to me. They arrived yesterday, and I cut open the envelope to find the scratch cards inside but...
  4. Vorezo

    Jay Sankey Hardcore - Video Review

    I went to a Jay Sankey lecture this past week and got an advanced copy of Hardcore and decided to make a review for it. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Vorezo


    Have you ever imagined taking your eyes off your fries for one second only to find out there's only a crumb left? Well don't eat it - do a magic trick with it! Take any small fry and visually pass it thru the bottom of any fry box. You never once touch the box and it can even be done on a...
  6. Vorezo

    Magic-Con 2011

    Registration for Magic-Con2 is on Friday. So who is going? I am very tempted to go an can't wait to see the lineup!!
  7. Vorezo

    Jay Sankey's HARDCORE - A T11 release?

    Apparently one of Jay Sankey's new effects on his up coming DVD "HARDCORE" was supposed to be a Theory 11 release. "CLIMBER Originally scheduled for a Theory 11 release, Jay's 'Climber' effect is a perfect example of a truly original effect AND a truly original method. Dip a drinking...
  8. Vorezo

    Started Busking/Street Performing!

    This is how it happened... Eric: Want to start busking? Alex: Okay lets do it! **Googles where to find busking licence** Next day we started! We have never done anything like this before, and it seems easy thinking about it but it does get a little tiring.. but is fun. So here is...
  9. Vorezo

    Crazy Mouth Magic

    It was Morrissey's 51st anniversary just this past week, was a lot of fun and a bunch of people came to the shop to celebrate. Here is a video shot in the back room jamming with a few guys (myself included), Bryan Chong, Lee Asher and a crazy stunt by Micheal Collins. Check it out here...
  10. Vorezo

    Sic Ponta the Smith battle

    Pick a routine from the DVD Sick by Ponta the Smith. You may change it slightly to make it fit you better if its a must. Can be done with patter or music. Anyone want to take a go at it?
  11. Vorezo

    The Chronic Documents: Control People's Thoughts

    This is my review for Chronic by Kevin Parker. Price $19.95 First up is Sadistic! This one fooled me, as im sure it fooled many by watching the demo and after reading it and trying it out...I like it. Effect The performer ribbon spreads...
  12. Vorezo

    GUM by Jeff Prace - Review

    Hey guys there have been some already but this is my review for Jeff Prace's Gum DVD! DVD: GUM by Jeff Prace (produced by Kozmo) Avaliable: Murphys Magic or dealers worldwide Price: $24.95...
  13. Vorezo

    Stingers - Sold Out?

    Can anyone from T11 who knows when these might come back in stock?
  14. Vorezo

    Stage Magic

    I think im gonna try out some of these battles, so if anyone wants to do a stage magic one, Im in! Rules Live on stage Any style
  15. Vorezo

    Lee Asher Goes To Japan

    For all who didnt know, Lee Asher went to Japan to do 15 lectures and a little vacation time. He also made 5 videos: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3...
  16. Vorezo

    Vorezo Effect Contest #4 - LETTERS

    Hey guys Its about time we got back to things...So we are back with another free contest. Take a look here It is very simple, if you gave entered our other contests then you can go on and enter right here below. If not then send us a PM or watch...
  17. Vorezo

    Vorezo Effect Contest # 3

    Heey Guys! How are you all doing? We got another contest going on here! Thats rightt! We're giving away something quite special this time, cant say right now, but you'll guys know soon enough! here is the link for the video: All you have to...
  18. Vorezo

    Vorezo Effect Mystery Contest WINNER

    Hey guys whats up!! We have a winner for the Mystery Prize contest. See who won here . Thanks to everyone who entered! Also be sure to check back next week for another contest! Have a nice day! eric+Alex
  19. Vorezo

    Vorezo Effect Mystery Contest - 24 Hours Left

    Hey guys! Just letting you know that there is only 24 hours left to enter our contest for the mystery prize. You can see the video here. If you want to enter just PM us with your email for 1 entry and post in the fourms for the second entry. Goodluck! eric+Alex
  20. Vorezo

    Vorezo Effect Contest - Mystery Prize

    Hey guys whats up! We are going to be having another contest from Vorezo Effect (just like the other 26.7 contests going on now from many other members), this time for the mystery prize. Last time we gave away the Andthensome Package. Now its time for the Mystery Prize. Take a look at the...
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