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  1. DiegoCasanueva

    Please help! (Can't find an effect)

    Hey guys, I stopped doing magic for 3 years but I recently got that spark back and started again... Before I stopped I remember there was a Wayne Houchin TV interview on youtube in which he performed an effect with 3 cards. He puts one card in the middle of the two other cards and shakes them...
  2. DiegoCasanueva

    Ringtone question

    hey guys i was wondering if ringtone works with spainsh cell phones? can i use the gimmick in spain? and also, do you think the trick is worth it? thanks
  3. DiegoCasanueva

    Souvenir Linking Rubber Bands

    Has anyone seen this? Looks like a new effect by Joe Russell and Paul Harris What do you think? I think it looks pretty cool
  4. DiegoCasanueva

    Energy Bill by Andrew Gerard

    Is this completely impromptu? And can it be done with any kind of money or pieces of paper or just dollars? And the last thing, is it worth the price? Beceause its pretty expensive....
  5. DiegoCasanueva

    Wayne Houchin's THREAD help

    I bought THREAD from an online magic shop here in Spain so i cant go to the secret forum for this effect so im posting this here. I havent tried doing thread yet because im really scared because it says: A method based entirely on sleight-of-hand and can be performed safely is also taught. Does...
  6. DiegoCasanueva

    For those of you having trouble with Ghost Ink...

    ...ive found a solution!! Ive found a new gimmick that works allot better and is much cheaper and much easier to find!! Send me a PM and i will give you all the details but you have to prove to me that you bought the DVD.
  7. DiegoCasanueva

    TWISTED by Andrew Mayne

    Effect: A borrowed bill is signed on both ends by a spectator and then ripped in half. The magician attempts to put it back together but accidentally restores the bill in a mis-made twisted state with half the bill facing the wrong way! The signatures are plainly visible on either side! He...
  8. DiegoCasanueva

    Sources to learn how to cheat at poker?

    Do you guys know of any good DVD's or books to learn how to become a card cheat? thanks
  9. DiegoCasanueva

    Please Help Me (GHOST INK)

    Well today i bought the ''thing'' you need to perform Ghost Ink by Andrew Mayne and its the exact same thing that he uses but its a different brand so it is very shiny and it gives away the whole effect. Im really bumed but i was wondering if there is something i can do because it cost me quite...
  10. DiegoCasanueva

    GHOST INK by Andrew Mayne

    Hello, i saw the demo for this effect and thought it looked amazing, and i am thinking of buying it but i have read a few reviews saying that this effect is amazing and some other reviews saying that its garbage. I need some help wether as to buy it or not. Can anyone help me?
  11. DiegoCasanueva

    RIOT Question

    To make the gimmick for Riot, do you have to ruin cards? If so, how many? And is the gimmick something you can bring in on an off beat or do you have to do a deck switch?
  12. DiegoCasanueva

    I have a question.

    Hey guys, i was wondering, if youre on TV doing magic, like on a local chanel or something, can you perform effects that arent yours? For example lets say, can I perform Lee Ashers Witness or do i have to ask for permission or something?
  13. DiegoCasanueva

    Dan Hauss and Jay Sankey

    I was shocked when I read this, it was on an e-mail from Jay Sankey to the people who subscribed to the sankeymagic newsletter. This is what it said: HAUSS THIEF? Lighting has struck again. A couple of months ago I received emails from many of you asking about a Dan Hauss release called...
  14. DiegoCasanueva

    Bizzare twist.

    Hey guys, i saw Wayne perform this effect on his website and i though it looked really cool. What i wanted to know is were can i learn this effect and does it use only 3 cards or does it use more? Thanks.
  15. DiegoCasanueva

    Twisted by Andrew Mayne

    Hey guys, i was looking at andrew maynes effect twisted, and i thought it looked pretty cool and i might buy it but first i need to know, can i do it with euro bills? and am i going to have to ruin money to make some sort of gimmick? is it worth it? thanks.
  16. DiegoCasanueva

    Tac Tics?

    Hey guys, i found this video and it looks amazing. I was wondering if anybody has this DVD and if its any good. Heres the video: And i also found this one that also looks amazing: If anyone has any of...
  17. DiegoCasanueva

    Sandwich Battle

    Does anyone wanna do a sandwich battle with me? No rules, it just has to be a sandwich effect. It can be wich ever sandwich effect you want.
  18. DiegoCasanueva

    Daniel Madison

    Interview with some tricks. I dont know if you guys have seen this or not, but enjoy.
  19. DiegoCasanueva

    Coin Vanish Battle

    Rules: -No gimmicks, just pure sleight of hand. -No fancy editing. What do you think? :)
  20. DiegoCasanueva

    Dangerous or Surfaced? Help please.

    Im planing on getting a new DVD and i was thinking of getting Dangerous vol. 1 or Surfaced. Can you guys please tell me wich one you would suggest?
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