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  1. Dayton76

    Boon type writers?

    To those of you who actually use a boon type writer, what is the best adhesive to replace the stuff that comes with it? I am getting frustrated with how fast the stickiness goes away. Any advice on what I can use to make it last longer?
  2. Dayton76

    What was name of that mentalist competition?

    There was a national televised mentalist competition that Cris Angel hosted a few years ago. Does anyone remember the name of that program?
  3. Dayton76

    3 Card Monte with Blank Cards?

    Its been a while but there is a guy who did a 3 card monte routine using blank cards and the "money" card was the spectators signed card. At the end of the routine all the cards ended up blank and the signed card ended up in the guys wallet. Does anyone know who this magician is? I have seen...
  4. Dayton76

    How Can I Become Famous

    Perform, Perform and Perform. And try to figure out a way to be different from every other magician out there. I think your first goal should be to become 'THE' magican in your area. If anyone thinks about some entertainment in your town or city, they should be thinking about you or have you...
  5. Dayton76

    Number Prediction Effects?

  6. Dayton76

    Are there still Criss Angel haters... Why?

    See thats my point. Your still tuning in. If you don't like a comedian you don't keep watching his stand-ups, and if you don't like a musician you don't keep listening to their music to tell people how much he sucks. I don't know man I respect your opinion and anyones that has an opposing...
  7. Dayton76

    Are there still Criss Angel haters... Why?

    Just curious, about why I am still reading all this negativity about Chris Angel and his Mindfreak tv series. I thought the point of being a entertainer is to ENTERTAIN. I will admit the majority of the people, I have spoken with, feel that a lot of his stunts are staged, but yet they still...
  8. Dayton76

    Thicker Flash Paper...

    Does anyone know if there is a site where I can order thicker flash paper? I am looking for something almost at a regular paper grade. Has anyone seen anything like this before? If so where?
  9. Dayton76

    Lottery Prediction

    Good luck with finding that. I have been asking about the EXACT same effect for 3 years now. Still nothing.
  10. Dayton76


    Quick question what do you guys use on the end of your ropes to keep them from tearing up on the ends?
  11. Dayton76

    Cyril ever in the states?

    Oh ok.. thanks.
  12. Dayton76

    Cyril ever in the states?

    Besides the magic castle does anyone know if he has ever done anything in the states? Televised street performance wise...? Every performance I have ever seen from him has been in Korea or whatever.
  13. Dayton76

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mentalism

    I think you need to look more into your performances and presentations. That is the key to making people believe.
  14. Dayton76

    A Mentalist Question

    Yea I also already own Peek Performances by Richard Busch, but I dont remember reading a hands off peek. Where in the book did you see it?
  15. Dayton76

    A Mentalist Question

    I am curious to those of you that study mentalism and their techniques. Is there a way to peek a billet without touching it? Even if it is in the hands of a spectator? If so, can anyone direct me to a source, or you can send me a private message if you want.
  16. Dayton76

    African American Magi's

    Hahahahahah...ok man welcome I guess.
  17. Dayton76

    African American Magi's

    To answer the initial question. I am black and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am constantly surfing the T11 threads and new magic so if you want to hit me up, feel free. I asked this same question on a thread a while ago because I was wondering the same thing. Also, since you opened this...
  18. Dayton76

    Who has best 3Fly routine?

    Hey thanks a lot guys I will look into it. I think I am just being lazy about learning some coin sleights. I am having a hard enough time trying to do the
  19. Dayton76

    Who has best 3Fly routine?

    I am just curious who has the best 3 fly routine that is out for purchase? Oh and easiest too...
  20. Dayton76

    Looch DVD vs. his book S.A.D...

    Hey thanks a lot. What about the effect Influence?
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