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  1. Dan1elJoyce

    Inversion card trick

    Cheers, much appreciated.
  2. Dan1elJoyce

    Inversion card trick

    Heres a better prefromance video (Again sorry for the webcam quality).
  3. Dan1elJoyce

    Inversion card trick

    No, just bad/super out of sync audio from my laptop
  4. Dan1elJoyce

    Inversion card trick

    Thanks Josh, it' my own move so its not available to purchase
  5. Dan1elJoyce

    Inversion card trick

    Just looking for a bit of feedback, let me know what you think. (sorry not a great video)
  6. Dan1elJoyce

    My Aunt on A&E

    anybody who claims to be able to communicate with the dead is either lying or mentally ill.
  7. Dan1elJoyce

    Info on Trick posted in Media Section

    I believe its a trick (force) from Derren Brown's " the devils picture book" called the invisible deal force .
  8. Dan1elJoyce

    Tricks to Teach First Graders?

    Id go for a simple key card trick,
  9. Dan1elJoyce

    List Of Amazing Magic Videos...

    Nice idea, here's a little somthing - James Brown close up
  10. Dan1elJoyce

    Derren Brown Enigma tour

    i'm going in July, and i can't wait!
  11. Dan1elJoyce

    Is there a way to put purchased videos on an iPhone?

    you need to convert the video into the correct format. download an iphone video converter, i use it gets the job done and its free
  12. Dan1elJoyce

    Simple Short Sandwich - Feedback?

    Its not often i feel compelled to post reply's on these threads but that was pretty dam balla! super smooth, keep it up!
  13. Dan1elJoyce

    Saturday Night Contest :: d+M roundtable discussion

    who is your favorite performer to watch and why?
  14. Dan1elJoyce

    Saturday Night Contest :: d+M roundtable discussion

    Daniel you have a very unique flourishing and magic style, how did this come about and what do you think of all the "d+m clones" out there? and can you explain what you mean by "magis is dead"?
  15. Dan1elJoyce

    Insomnia Leads to...

    With insomnia, nothing is real.Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy.
  16. Dan1elJoyce

    Something new I want to try out here
  17. Dan1elJoyce

    Something new I want to try out here

    introducing the comedy genius of Spencer Brown hope you enjoy **warning explicit language** and lets not forget arnab chanda
  18. Dan1elJoyce


    3 week was to get it to a pretty reasonable standard, and i do mean solidly every day for 3 weeks i had a deck in my hand practicing it and doing nothing else ( i also have allot of time on my hand witch helps )
  19. Dan1elJoyce


    Id say i was practicing the clipshift for about 3 weeks solidly before i got it looking pretty good, it is so worth it ,it just plain brilliant i cant say enough about it!
  20. Dan1elJoyce

    Ace Design (Cleaner?)

    that is Dam cool
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