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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Methods- pg. 8 nimble- pg. 127 work- pg. 55
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    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Five of diamonds Jack of hearts
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    Psychological Magic

    Two words. David Berglas.
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    Best Advanced Card Trick DVD's/Books

    Expert at the Card Table, by S.W. Erdnase
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    Magic Books

    The Vernon Chronicles are fabulous books. I suggest that you check them out.
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    ok - this abuse needs to end.

    As Jamy Ian Swiss says: "In the face of bad magic, the best thing to do is good magic."
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    Magic Related Habits

    I almost always automatically Downs palm a cap from a bottle to hold it so I can drink out of the bottle. I did this a few times today, in fact. When playing cards with my friends I almost always do a push through shuffle and/or and up-the-ladder cut. These are really interesting to read...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Learn. Share. Collaborate.

    The internet has really helped me and advanced my magic. I got into magic and shortly found out about Penguin Magic and ordered some stuff from them. Through some of my interactions there I came to find Theory 11 and it completely changed my life. I learned about new tricks and cardistry and...
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    EMC 2011 - About to Start!

    Yes it still costs the full amount, even if you don't watch it live. Included in the price is also a DVD set of all of the content. The price remains at $90 and has, so far, been worth every penny.
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    Basic Stage Magic Ideas?

    The Magic/mathematical Square plays pretty well, even thought it isn't strictly a magic effect. Draw the square on a large dry erase board and put on an easel or prop it up against a table. I use the one from Joshua Jay's Complete Course in Magic book. Best of luck!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Supernatural Roundtable

    1. Who is your biggest inspiration in magic? 2. What feeling do you go for when you perform? Is it astonishment or laughter or something else? 3. What is your favorite magic book?
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    Bad magic jokes.

    There is a frog walking to the west and a magician walking to the east. What can we deduce from this? The frog is on his way to a gig.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    Here is my entry: I glued some pictures of some of my favorite magicians to some cards and I worte their name on the back. The...
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    Expert at the Card Table Intro

    Anyone interested in anything related to Erdnase should check out this thread on the Genii forums: I haven't even come close to reading the entire thing. It's huge!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    How long do you usually practice a day? How much did you need to practice to get good?
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    Needle Swallowing?

    What's the best place to learn the needle swallowing effect. I am only aware of Steve Spill's DVD that I found on Penguin. Any leads would be much appreciated.
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    Dr. Hiroshi Sawa

    I think it's sad in way that this thread/video is not getting the attention it deserves...
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    Dr. Hiroshi Sawa

    Yeah, it would sort of look silly for a 16 year old kid in jeans and a t-shirt doing this!
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