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  1. FadedTemp

    The Cardist - Shirts

    At TheCardist we have released our first project. We're excited about it and plan to use them for contest, giveaways, and occasionally sell them. We just wanted to let you know and see if anyone was interested in supporting us. :) Click Here If this is an inappropriate topic, then...
  2. FadedTemp

    Rule of Five

    Hi everyone - Even though I don't frequent here much anymore - I recently had a discussion with John Maxwell that I felt was worth sharing with you all. I hope the thread provides you with some useful information that not only helps improve you as a magician, cardist etc but also as a person...
  3. FadedTemp

    Searching for an effect

    This particular effect I remember seeing on Wayne Houchin's website - he performed it in a video. You give the spectator half the pack and take the other half. Each of you do a shuffle routine, in the end each of you turn over 4 cards - The spectator would have 4 aces and you'd have 4 kings...
  4. FadedTemp

    Your Dream

    I'm here today to ask you a simple question. What is your dream? The one thing you wish to stay true to or accomplish during your life. This doesn't have to be career focused, feel free to take it any direction you'd like. I'll even give you mine as to make it more personal. I want...
  5. FadedTemp

    Hybrid Tutorial

    Tutorial of a move I've been working on for awhile. I realize it's not 100% original but rather a mesh of ideas put together to make something different.
  6. FadedTemp

    Custom Deck

    I'll be creating my own custom deck over the next couple months. This is the final design that was decided. I just wanted to share it with everyone.
  7. FadedTemp

    Gator Boots

    Out of curiosity. Why do you say Gator boots? What exactly does this even mean? lol - I'm confused by this "effect"
  8. FadedTemp

    Thunderbird by Lee Asher

    I have been meaning to get is up for the past couple days now but things have been out of control - but without further ado, here is my review of Thunderbird. Effect: Thunderbird is a powerful, visual and striking ace production. Asher says it best when he talks about captivating your audience...
  9. FadedTemp

    All this spare time...

    I have a dilemma today. I am stuck at work until 3pm today (it is not 9am), work is very slow/boring but I want the time to pass by as quickly as possible due to my extreme anxiousness for later on this evening. So, I ask you fellow T11 members. What do you do to pass the time when...
  10. FadedTemp

    Looking for a book...

    I am looking for a book that relates to magic but not in the sense that I learn effects from it. I want something that tells of a lifestyle, story about magic, perhaps magic theory or understanding... but certainly not a book that teaches effects or sleights. Any ideas?
  11. FadedTemp

    Help with a party...

    So I was booked for a birthday party earlier today in DC later this month. It's a birthday party which is themed "50's Murder/Mystery" So, I'm looking for suggestions as far as what I should wear. Let me hear em! :D
  12. FadedTemp

    De'Ring by De'vo

    I'm looking into doing this sort of thing but I have a few questions first. -Do you need a specific type of ring? -Does the ring have to be loose around your finger or can it be rather snug like a normal ring you'd wear. I'm planning on buying a ring in the near future and just wanted to...
  13. FadedTemp

    Deck Flip Q

    I've been doing the deck flip for about a day now and I have a simple question about it. When doing the deck flip, is it common for 1-5 cards to stray from the deck during the flip? I would say I lose at least 1 card each time I do it, which seems like something that would be natural when you...
  14. FadedTemp

    Twin Fans - One Handed

    I'm looking for a source to learn how this is done. It's two fans but executed with one hand. Not exactly sure what the proper name for this flourish is, if you're unsure what I'm talking about... It's in this video Here at 2:02
  15. FadedTemp

    Ethics of Magic

    I was told today that the Ethics of a magician are based around Lying, Stealing and Cheating. That those of you that make a career off of magic simply take advantage of the gullible and susceptible. What are your thoughts on this?
  16. FadedTemp

    Cold - Dee Christopher

    Cold - The Telesthesia Cards I bought this effect without having any prior knowledge as to what to expect. I read the description and it seemed like a neat effect but the youtube video is what made me decide to purchase it, besides that I also wanted to support another T11 Member. Effect...
  17. FadedTemp

    S.W.E. Shift

    S.W.E. Shift - Chris Kenner Before you purchase this make sure you notice that is says "Advanced". That's exactly what this sleight is if you haven't seen/heard of it before. This is a sleight that can be found in Expect At The Card Table which is rather difficult to understand in the book...
  18. FadedTemp

    Revolution Cut Question

    I've been into cardistry for roughly 2 months now. It's odd but one of the most difficult moves for me is the Revolution Cut. I will try to explain this as best as I can, if nothing else I'll provide a video later on today to help with the results. I started my cardistry with "The System" and...
  19. FadedTemp

    XCM Music

    I love to practice while listening to wonderful music which fits well with flourishing. I prefer intense symphony music to listen to and lately have become tired with what I have.... I'm wondering if anyone else could offer some suggestions. Here is what I have on my iPod at the moment so...
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