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    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    4 of hearts on top and king of clubs on bottom
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    Where Are You Guys?

    Brooklyn, New York
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    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    What do you think about the direction the magic market is headed? Who are the magicians who inspire you as a performer and a magical thinker? What mistakes have you made as a magician and what piece of advice would you give to a magician starting out to help steer them away from those pitfalls?
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    Draven Reviews: Smoke

    Or have one already on your hand and pretend to draw one.
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    Whats the difference between Smoke and Schmoke? And Colorblind in comparison to An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips?
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    Smoke question

    There are other ideas explained on the DVD, but not a card to mouth routine.
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    theory11 t-shirts!

    And have them in size small. :D
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    ^ I second that idea.
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    It comes with 4 refills in case you run out or damage them, lose them, etc. There is another item included with the package that's easily found. It would need just a small simple modification to get up and running with, should you need to replace it.
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    It does come from your mouth, but as JB said with a bit of thought you have limitless applications with this. The applications shown on the DVD are really good. I have never been so excited to try something out until I got this. This is easy to use, practical, versatile and extremely fun to play...
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    Help Me for a Contest

    Thanks so much for the kind words! The lighting was kind of bad, but it was really clear before I was forced to compress the file size down in order for it to be eligible to submit. Also, youtube destroyed the quality. :p
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    Help Me for a Contest

    I managed to find some internet connection in Spain. Anyway, here's the video link to the my video. Every single view counts so please get in as many views a you can by August 6th. Thank you so much.
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    Help Me for a Contest

    Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire by Ugress. He has a free download of it on his website. Thanks for watching! :)
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    Help Me for a Contest

    Hey guys. I don't post too often around here but right now I'm hoping you guys can all help me with a contest. The popular film producers of youtube, Wong Fu Productions (check out their stuff if you haven't heard of them), have teamed up with JCPenney for a video talent contest. Basically...
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    theory11 Roundtable Discussion - Luke Dancy : Round Two

    How did you get to working with Criss on Mindfreak?
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    New York Meet Up?

    Wednesday at 8 right? I'm up for it.
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    New York Meet Up?

    I don't have too many magic buddies, but I'll try to get a few guys out to jam.
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    My skype is ray.zhang.

    My skype is ray.zhang.
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