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  1. houchini

    What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

    Hi guys ! I always thought that palming a card away from the deck is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal ; it allows you to perform under conditions that would be impossible otherwise, and gives IMO a more "realistic" feel to what you do. The thing is, I just realised recently that...
  2. houchini

    Garett Thomas' "Mash Pack" vs. Justin Millers's "Freedom Pack"

    Hi folks ! I saw GT's mash pack a few months ago, and now there's JM's freedom pack coming out... While the premise of both tricks seems to be the same (create instantly a bow around your deck), do you have any opinion on which one to choose ? (without exposing anything). Like, is one more...
  3. houchini

    The Score by Daniel Madison

    This is my review for "the Score", Daniel Madison's new marking system for playing cards. Since I discovered Blood (also by d+M) a few months ago, I've really been into marking systems, which can be considered, in my opinion, as some of the most useful “gimmicks” available to both magicians and...
  4. houchini

    Do you levitate ?

    Hi guys ! I think almost everyone here knows at least one way to "levitate" (Balducci, king rising...). I personnaly think my Balducci levitation is quite smooth, but I've never actually performed it for anybody else than my mirror and my camera recorder, due to the fear of being caught and...
  5. houchini

    Which folding coin to buy ?

    Hi guys ! I'm thinking of buying a folding coin to be able to do a CIB anytime, with any bottle, but I've just found there are multiple kinds ! So what are the differences really between the traditional folding system, the internal system, the ones that fold in 2, in 3... Are some easier to...
  6. houchini

    Rewind : a new take on the timeless T&R effect

    Hey guys ! I just checked this vid : Now, I know the effect is anything but new, but the restauration sequence seems very clean (especially the last one, with the piece inside the mouth !), nothing is hidden in the hands and it's said...
  7. houchini

    WindowPro : a signed CTW...Has anyone seen this ?

    Hey guys ! Title says it all...This one looks a lot like David Stone's Window, but... - a LOT cheaper (25€ for this one) - the spectator removes the card himself - SIGNED !!! what do you think ?
  8. houchini


    Hey guys ! I own several Coins in bottle effects, and am always interested in new ways to accomplish this. I read about the Blindspot effect...Sounds good, does anyone own it ? thanks ^^
  9. houchini

    Duplicate signature ?

    Hey guys ! I was just wondering if duplicate signatures are a tool that you use on a regular basis, in what kind of tricks, and if so, where did you learn about it ? I personnaly used a few times the method taught in the Tempest Concept DVD (to create a signed card in bottle), with good...
  10. houchini

    Where to learn crucial card sleights

    Hi everyone ! I've been wanting to start this thread quite a while ago now, but never found the time to...Anyway, here it is ! Like most of us I think, I've first started magic by doing self-working card tricks. Very soon I've been wanting to learn sleight of hand magic, and some of the...
  11. houchini

    Flicker by Michael Paul

    Hi guys ! Anyone owning the colour change named "flicker" ? Is it as good as described ?
  12. houchini


    Hi guys ! I just came across this DVD from magic makers at my local magicshop, and the promo text seemed too good to be true : everything examinable at the beginning and at the end, you can show the half card front and back during the restoration, only one card used... I already bought the...
  13. houchini

    What is your pet routine?

    I'm wondering what's the first trick that comes to your mind when someone hands you a deck of cards and asks you make him experience some magic ? Well, when it happens to me I usually do some kind of "spectator as the magician but with the magician backing him up if anything goes wrong"...
  14. houchini

    Magic for blind people?

    Hi ! that's a question that has been inside my head for quite a while now, and I wanted you guys to give me your opinion. Is it possible to create a magical experience for blind people ? It seems to me that every trick I perform is based on something visual, or at least implies the spectator...
  15. houchini

    PANIC vs "Ghost deck effect"

    For those who own "The Real Secrets of Magic" by David Stone, you know there is a killer effect where the entire deck vanishes from your hands, leaving just the 4 of a kind that matches your spectator's selection. This is ungimmicked, the set up takes about 10 seconds and oyu can use any...
  16. houchini

    What kind of reactions do you get ?

    Hi guys ! Well, the title says it all ! I've been in magic for about 2 years now, and I usually perform for my friends (only Tequila gives me the nerves to run into complete strangers and perform for them, which happened twice with good results :D). Most of the time, my friends are quite...
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