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  1. king louie

    Addict by Edo :: Worth It?

    Hello Boys and Girls I was just wondering if the trick Adict by Edo was worth the money and was really everything it says it is. it looks pretty insane! what our your thoughts on it? (if you have it)
  2. king louie


    quick question: can shudder be done on the ground? or does it have to be done on a table? thanks
  3. king louie

    Looking for a trick...

    ok i was looking for this trick i saw a really long time ago and was wondering if any one knew where to find it. ok here it is: magician shows all the cards to be different spec selects a card and returns it to the deck magician shuffles and then says the best way to shuffle is by...
  4. king louie


    hey i was just wondering if the bottle in bullet can be handed out with the coin still in it (in other words, do you have to take it out?) thanks
  5. king louie

    Deleting a thread?

    how do you delete a thread again? i forgot.
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