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  1. Deryn

    Gold Artisan's???

    I got one through the Black Friday sale and found 2 more at 2 different Targets. Apparently there's only 1 per Target so congrats to those that found them
  2. Deryn

    Impossible Bottle Deck

    I had an aha moment when I figured out the cellophane. Then i was like "can't believe i didnt think of that."
  3. Deryn

    Deck in a Bottle Glass Bottles

    I buy from a dairy farm 3 hours drive away. I make the trip once a month. They're very similar to the ones Avalon farms use without the branding
  4. Deryn

    Theory11 Ellen Playing cards???

    I hear what you're saying but it's just a misprint. It doesn't completely compromise the overall quality of the deck. Still handles like a true theory11 deck. If one were to use this deck, break out a sharpie and make that club a spade. Simple.
  5. Deryn

    Theory11 Ellen Playing cards???

    I have 3 of them and opened one to find this. Idw open all of them to find out but i doubt it was just the 1
  6. Deryn

    Theory11 Ellen Playing cards???

    I realized that after a little digging
  7. Deryn

    Theory11 Ellen Playing cards???

    I'm watching Ellen right now and she showed her new "be kind box." Inside were a deck of Ellen playing cards by Theory11. Where can I get these? Are they even available for sale? Here's the video
  8. Deryn


  9. Deryn

    Ethics concerning audience beliefs...

    As magicians, we are, at the bare minimum, actors. We lie about what we're doing. ie: I'm going to take the 3 of clubs and put it in the middle of the deck. The 3 of clubs was already switched with an indifferent card that is inserted into the deck. So we lie about certain things for the...
  10. Deryn

    Impossible Bottles

    I know this is an old post but I recently restarted making bottles for those who still care or are just getting into the artform. I've read the previous posts and I've found a lot of supplies online and locally that work great for me. When I found out that Jamie Grant used 17oz milk bottles...
  11. Deryn

    Storage for cards

    After weeks of searching the interweb.. amazon, ebay, ikea, home depot, lowe's, walmart, etc... I decided to build one myself. It's literally a book case if books were 5 inches tall. It's 10 shelves high (making it over 4 feet tall), about 30" wide and 3" deep. My dimensions came from necessity...
  12. Deryn

    Fellow magician's suggestions needed.

    congratulations on your stage show. But honestly, shouldn't you have had a set/routine worked out before you agreed?
  13. Deryn

    Jennifer Garner is a secret magician

    I've found them on ebay. They're measured in British units (whatever they measure with) so be prepared to do some converting
  14. Deryn

    Jennifer Garner is a secret magician

    I see what you did there.. to answer your question, because there isn't much else she's been in that's worth looking at (Electra)
  15. Deryn

    Jennifer Garner is a secret magician

    Probably not. Probably just a fashion statement but I was watching tv and saw her new credit card commercial. She's in a library so she's whispering with her hand to the side of her mouth. She's wearing a magician's ring on her middle finger. Properly, the style of ring is called a double...
  16. Deryn

    How do you feel about theory11 cards?

    Not that it's any of your business, but my parents were refugees from another country that came to America with the help of our government. My sister and I were the first and only one to learn to speak proper English. I'm a natural born citizen I guess my beef is at how you came across as well...
  17. Deryn

    How do you feel about theory11 cards?

    The fact that you think it comes down to English being a factor says more about you than your post. I've already said that perhaps it wasn't the correct terminology. I said what I said, you guys have your opinions as do I. I'm not gonna apologize for it as I've acknowledged my terminology. I...
  18. Deryn

    Check it out !! Did my first full sloppy riffle fan !! Woooo

    My riffle fan is getting better. It still slides out then the cards somehow get tossed across the room with a lot of velocity. Any tips on how to prevent them from sliding? Also, some people are getting 2, sometimes 3 rotations. Like what the actual..?
  19. Deryn

    How do you feel about theory11 cards?

    My point is that I'd rather them be through and through. That should tell you how much appreciation goes. It won't stop me from purchasing theory11 decks or any deck for that matter. I'm a performer first and a collector at a close second. To see these things on display in my spare bedroom is...
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