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  1. lorenzo.paletti

    A Merry Christmas Magic Video

    Thank you. If you want to use it as a holiday card I'd be honoured.
  2. lorenzo.paletti

    A Merry Christmas Magic Video

    Hope you like it. Hope you find the magic in your life.
  3. lorenzo.paletti

    Twisting the Queens

    Twisting the Aces, by Wayne Houchin, with a twist on the presentation (girls love this). Unfortunately this angle and the absence of misdirection have ruined a move.
  4. lorenzo.paletti

    Mistaken Sandwich

    I just love this sandwich routine by Bill Goodwin. Yet, it might be hard to perform because of the clean-up. What do you think?
  5. lorenzo.paletti


    Thanks to everybody. It really makes me proud seeing the routine is appreciated. You are right. I'll be working on this idea.
  6. lorenzo.paletti


    Thanks to both of you. I've been performing this for three years now, and it has become one of my favourite effects. I keep refining presentation and handling.
  7. lorenzo.paletti


    This is the sandwich routine I put together taking pieces from other effects of this kind. Hope you like it.
  8. lorenzo.paletti


    From The Real Secrets of Magic, by David Stone. It's a very easy effect that hits hard on spectators. I added a little convincer at the end, what do you think?
  9. lorenzo.paletti

    Devil's Elevator

    I think that's what I've done. Here's the right one:
  10. lorenzo.paletti

    Devil's Elevator

    A classic packet trick. What do you think?
  11. lorenzo.paletti

    The Visitor

    I tried to make "The Visitor" by Larry Jennings, a little more straight forward. Tell me what you think.
  12. lorenzo.paletti

    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    I am absolutely sure about one, and now I want to know who speaks Italian. Steve Cohen 15 
Patrick Kun 8
 Blake Vogt 5 
Jason England 6
 Michael James 4
 Calen Morelli 1
 Andrei Jikh 9
 Jonathan Bayme 14 
Christen Gerhart 3
 Rick Lax 10
 Dan Sperry 2 
Dan White 11 
Justin “Kredible” Willman 7
  13. lorenzo.paletti

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Top: 4 of hearts Bottom: 3 of clubs
  14. lorenzo.paletti

    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    How much time took redesigning the site? What do you do to keep your upcoming projects "secret"?
  15. lorenzo.paletti

    Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

    I'd be scared, and somehow worried if magic transformed me in "the magic guy" or "the one which does tricks". Thankfully I'm still myself, Lorenzo. The people which loved me, still loves me for who I am, with or without my deck and the slight of hand. Magic has changed me, but not by changing...
  16. lorenzo.paletti

    The Real Secrets of David Stone (2010 DVD)

    A new release from the French magician. Coming really soon he says. What do you think?
  17. lorenzo.paletti

    Saturday Night Contest - The Daniel Garcia Effect : EXTENDED

    Really congratulations. Very nice video.
  18. lorenzo.paletti

    Best opener?

    I agree with the "magic in their hands", and if their hands are clean, go with "in hands" tricks.
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