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  1. RXillusionist

    JDENredden's Ideas Vol. 1

    Hello world Basically, JDENredden had come up with a little collection of ideas (hence the name) and compiled it into a neat ebook. He was kind enough to send these around for reviews. It can be found at JDENredden's Ideas Vol. 1 - Brief Overview The ebook...
  2. RXillusionist

    International Shipping!

    I've never bought anything from T11 directly. And the reason for this, and I believe this is the same for people living internationally, is that the shipping is much too high! I've bought loads of cards from friendly ebayers, and they have dirt cheap international shipping (12.50 for a brick!)...
  3. RXillusionist

    Magic Shops in Sabah, Malaysia

    Hey guys I'll be heading off to Sabah, Malaysia soon for a week. Just wondering if there's any shops there. Please do reply as soon as possible. Thanks!
  4. RXillusionist

    Off Topic: June 4th Events of China

    Friends I find it important that I should spread this message. I believe people have the right to know about what the country I live in has shamefully destroyed. Twenty years ago this very day, and about the time this message is posted, thousands of students have been protesting endlessly...
  5. RXillusionist

    Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards :: RELEASED

    They are here!!! Check them out:
  6. RXillusionist

    Some Original Music

    Hey guys. I've recently been on songwriting craze. The following is a sample of my music. Please bear in mind that they are prototypes and are NOT COMPLETE. Also, tell me if I'm 'subconsciously plagiarizing' another song. All is inspired by Dana Hocking's music, as well as the deceptive style...
  7. RXillusionist

    Plank - Here We Go Again!

    Hey, guys. I'm checking the originality of an original effect again. This time, it's something quite different. PLANK is a very powerful, IMPROMPTU psychokinetic effect. Throw me your advice, and tell me if you've seen something similar... Oh...
  8. RXillusionist

    Submitting Tricks

    Alright. I've just submitted a trick to T11, but people tell me that they've heard T11 doesn't accept submissions. True? Thanks
  9. RXillusionist

    Submitting a Trick to T11

    Hey, guys. I've worked on a trick for nearly two years now. I plan to submit it to Theory11, but before I do so, I would like advise from you guys. Are there any effects out there that might use the same method? Do you think Theory11 will accept it? All that jazz. Just throw me what you think...
  10. RXillusionist

    Propaganda Box

    Right, I haven't got any of these yet, but in the preview vid, Andrei tosses a WHITE box with a window to d+M, yet in the pics and in the d+M section, the box has the back design. So what is it? White box, or some sort of card guard? Thanks! PS. I'm not saying windows are not good. I...
  11. RXillusionist

    Another Card Design!

    After a few painstaking, knuckle-cracking, finger-busting hours of work, I have created a card back design! Hope you like them! PS Please understand I am a complete noob at photoshop, so if you think it sucks, that's the only reason. Beat it :D PPS I have taken some elements from Bicycle...
  12. RXillusionist

    No zip code?

    Hi guys. I'm going to order a brick of Guardians, but when I try to check out, it asks me for my zip code, but I don't have one 'cos I live in Hong Kong (Somewhere in China). What should I do?!!
  13. RXillusionist

    My definition: 909

    Hi all, Bicycle Centurions 909 edition have been released. But what does 909 mean? Discuss what you think here! My definition on 909: As you all know, all regular bicycle cards have 808 on several cards, like the jokers. From what I have heard, 808 is the road sign where the joker is...
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